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Dear all,


Predicative possession is studied in detail on pp. 49-50 of C. Hagège’s La structure des langues, 7th  ed., 2013. Among many others, the « type structured like “Your book exists” for ‘You have a book’ » (Randy La Polla) is illustrated there by Kečua and Aymara. Besides the type illustrated by many Pama-Nyungan (Australian) languages, i.e.  « Possessor is Possessed-ed(adjective-like suffix) »  or   « Possessor is Possessed-having », we also have a type structured like « Possessor his/her/its-Possessed », which is the structure we find in Guarani.


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Dear Sergey,

on top of the references that have already been suggested, I would like to point out a recent paper by Denis Creissels, recently published on the "Italian J. of Linguistics":


Incidentally, the same issue contains other works that should awake the typologist's interest.

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Pier Marco Bertinetto


Il giorno mer 22 apr 2020 alle ore 13:25 Sergey Loesov <sergeloesov at gmail.com> ha scritto:

Dear colleagues,

could you please advise me literature on the encoding of the notion HAVE/HAVING in the languages that, unlike English, do not have generally applicable and versatile HAVE-verbs? I am interested in the grammaticalization paths in this semantic domain.  (I suspect people call this field “predicative possession.”)

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