[Lingtyp] Call for Chapters: Embodiment In Cross-Linguistic Studies: The ‘Face’

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Please see the call for papers below.

Kelsie Pattillo
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Call for Chapters: Embodiment In Cross-Linguistic Studies: The ‘Face’
Projected to appear as a volume in Brill’s series: Studies in Language, Cognition and Culture
Following the 2019 publication of the volume The ‘Head’ (edited by Iwona Kraska-Szlenk), this volume continues to focus on expressions of embodiment of one body part (the ‘face’) across languages. We seek chapters that investigate the ‘face’ as a source domain for semantic extensions. These may specifically focus on metonymy, metaphor, or other examples of semantic change within a cognitive linguistics framework. We welcome both case studies of single languages and comparative studies and request that chapters do not exceed 7,000 words.
The deadline for full submissions is December 15, 2020.

Inquiries, requests for style sheets, and abstracts may be sent to the volume editors, Kelsie Pattillo kelsie at uwm.edu<mailto:kelsie at uwm.edu> and Małgorzata Waśniewska mpwasniewska at gmail.com<mailto:mpwasniewska at gmail.com>.

Sample ‘Face’ Bibliography
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Other Useful References

Kraska-Szlenk, Iwona (ed). 2019. Embodiment in Cross-Linguistic Studies: The ‘HEAD’.
Leiden: Brill.

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