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Dear colleagues,

here comes a call for proposals for a new series within Language and Linguistics in Melanesia - The Texts in the Indigenous Languages of the Pacific (TILP) To see the TILP flyer, follow this link: https://www.langlxmelanesia.com/tilp.<https://aus01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.langlxmelanesia.com%2Ftilp&data=02%7C01%7Calexandra.aikhenvald%40jcu.edu.au%7C661a70ffacbf496da67608d82654c032%7C30a8c4e81ecd4f148099f73482a7adc0%7C0%7C0%7C637301492743015497&sdata=0A2RrBnygvF38WVZXdWK80rB%2FxW5n5gTohFPKYbTPUg%3D&reserved=0>


The TILP Call for Proposals is also copied below and attached. Do spread the word far and wide!

Call for proposals

The Texts in the Indigenous Languages of the Pacific (TILP) series is a supplement to Language and Linguistics in Melanesia. TILP is dedicated to the publication and presentation of analyzed oral texts from the indigenous languages of the Pacific. Each issue will constitute a guest-edited and thematically organized collection of texts (glossed and translated into English).

Texts in the series may be single-authored or edited multi-contributor collections, in an online PDF version. These may be accompanied with a link to audio recordings (if these are available), as the audio files will not be uploaded to LLM site. Texts will be presented in three or four-line interlinear glossing and must follow a uniform style throughout, including the use of a consistent set of abbreviations given at the beginning.

The contributors will have the option of adding a non-glossed version of the text(s) (which can be easily read and parsed by native speakers). False starts and pauses should be edited out of the connected text. The transcription of the glossed text should be as precise as possible. The length of each issue may vary, from 20 pages to maximum 70 pages. There are no restrictions as to subject matter of the texts.Texts are published from a variety of genres including myths, legends, rituals, procedural discourse, jokes, and personal narratives.

Texts will be accompanied by a brief introduction indicating where the language is spoken and by how many people, and, if possible, information on its genetic classification, history of studies, the nature of fieldwork, the list of references, abbreviations used, a nd, ideally, a map. The contributor(s) may also include a brief grammatical sketch and additional information about the language.

Proposals should include:

•        a detailed table of contents

  *   a short (50–100 word) bio for each contributor
  *   a preliminary time-frame for the completion of the project.

LLM style sheet can be found at https://www.langlxmelanesia.com/instructionstoauthors.htm<https://aus01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.langlxmelanesia.com%2Finstructionstoauthors.htm&data=02%7C01%7Calexandra.aikhenvald%40jcu.edu.au%7C661a70ffacbf496da67608d82654c032%7C30a8c4e81ecd4f148099f73482a7adc0%7C0%7C0%7C637301492743025493&sdata=mkY2B4nrZ1y1cXPzEwubHnLAB8KqhMKcckJnXc%2BvIyc%3D&reserved=0>

Where appropriate, contributors will be required to demonstrate that appropriate permissions for the publication of these materials have been obtained.

All enquiries and expressions of interest should be addressed to the editors of the supplement series:

• Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (alexandra.aikhenvald at jcu.edu.au<mailto:alexandra.aikhenvald at jcu.edu.au>)

• Dr Deborah Hill (Deborah.Hill at canberra.edu.au<mailto:Deborah.Hill at canberra.edu.au>)

• Dr Edgar Suter (esut at sunrise.ch<mailto:esut at sunrise.ch>)

The series has been inspired by the Texts in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (TILA) within the framework of The International Journal of American Linguistics. We acknowledge the help and advice from the Editors (especially Professor David Beck).

Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, PhD, DLitt, FAHA

Distinguished Professor and Australian Laureate Fellow

Director of the Language and Culture Research Centre

James Cook University

PO Box 6811, Cairns, Queensland 4870, Australia


mobile 0400 305315, office 61-7-40421117

fax 61-7-4042 1880  http://www.aikhenvaldlinguistics.com/



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