[Lingtyp] Coronavirus & Zipf

fcosw5 fcosw5 at scu.edu.tw
Sun May 3 09:34:21 UTC 2020

I'm rather surprised that, as far as i can tell, nobody so far has mentioned the Mexican beer marketed under the name `Corona'.  It's mine understanding that a lot of Mexicans (and maybe other Americans?) are rather peeved about this coincidence.

Wrt the Chinese (abbreviated) label `xinguan', as it happens the hospital here in Taipei where i get most of my medical treatment is commonly called `Xinguang'.  Not the same characters, of course (it literally means `New Light'), and IF YOU LISTEN CAREFULLY it's phonetically distinct, but i'd be willing to bet any (reasonable) amount of money that there's liable to be some confusion here.  I have NO INTENTION of making an issue of it when i go to visit mine endocrinologist tomorrow!

Steven Schaufele

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