[Lingtyp] Do expressives have a shared phonosemantic mapping system in East Central Asian languages?

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Dear Jess,
You may consider looking into the latest publication by Routledge. Here is
the link.
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On Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 6:40 AM Jess Tauber <tetrahedralpt at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm currently examining closely the systems of expressives in a variety of
> languages from East Central Asia (the old 'Altaic' assemblage, as well as a
> couple of relatively nearby families. This involves Korean, Nanai
> (Tungusic), Xalxa and Ordos (Mongolian), Japanese, Nivkh, Santali (Munda),
> and Kammu (Mon-Khmer). I'm slowly finding common general mappings, even
> though the phonological systems aren't identical. For example, in Korean
> (using Martin's dictionary), expressives in initial dental stops appears
> largely to encode the notion of blunt force used to displace or overwhelm
> defenders of abstract territories, as if an attacker was attempting to
> become the top dog in a contest. With palatal stop initials, on the other
> hand, the set largely codes for dependents, followers, and other voluntary
> hangers-on, who might be hoping to join in a hierarchy led by some other
> person.  I've seen such mappings in other languages areas as well, but they
> are NOT universal. Anyone here know of any prior work along these lines,
> looking at these systems as specifying particular configurations within
> social physics?
> Thanks,
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