[Lingtyp] Online Lexicon of Nuer

Matthew Baerman m.baerman at surrey.ac.uk
Mon Sep 21 15:07:20 UTC 2020

The Surrey Morphology Group and the University of Edinburgh announce the launch of the online Nuer Lexicon < www.nuerlexicon.com>. Nuer is a Western Nilotic language spoken primarily in South Sudan and Ethiopia. The particular focus of the lexicon is morphology, which in Nuer is especially interesting, involving a wide range of alternations (vowel length, quality and phonation type, tone, consonant mutation) and a rich array of verbal derivational categories. The lexicon provides full paradigms, rendered both in the practical orthography and IPA, and also allows for visualizations of the underlying morphological structure. It is intended to be a growing resource, and we are especially encouraging contributions from the speaker community to expand and improve it.

The lexicon was developed as part of the project 'Morphological Complexity in Nuer', funded by the Arts and Humanities Council (UK), whose support is gratefully acknowledged.

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