[Lingtyp] Identity in language from the cross-linguiststic perspective

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Dear Ilja
This is a recurrent topic in Tore Janson’s book
Janson, Tore. 2011. The History of Languages. An Introduction. Oxford. Oxford University Press.
Originally Swedish, but out of print:
Janson, Tore. 2010. Språkens historia. En upptäcktsresa i tid och rum. Stockholm: Norstedt.
But also translated to languages such as
Brazilian Portuguese
2015. A história das línguas: uma introduçâo. Sâo Paulo: Parábola Editorial.
and Turkish
2016. Dillerin Tarihi. Istanbul: Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Yayınevi.
Also remember the old classic
Le Page, R.B. and Tabouret-Keller, A., 1985. Acts of identity: Creole-based approaches to language and ethnicity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Best wishes,

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Subject: [Lingtyp] Identity in language from the cross-linguiststic perspective

Dear typologists,

can you recommend me papers that would describe (and perhaps even
generalize) on how language may be used in different areas for a
conscious or unconscious self-identification or group-identification in
the social environement? (I do realize that this formulation is a bit
fuzzy but this is because I am not a specialist in the sociolinguistic

Any hint would be greatly appreciated!


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