[Lingtyp] Discourse connectives that do not occur at clause edges

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Dear Ponrawee,
does your request also concern clitics (e.g., 2P-enclitics, also known as Wackernagel clitics)? Your Thai example suggests that position is fixed regarding the syntactic function. But do you have in mind also cases in which some position is fixed simply in terms of linear sequence?


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Betreff: [Lingtyp] Discourse connectives that do not occur at clause edges

Dear all,

Does anyone know of language(s) with a discourse connective (roughly defined as any word that relates two event arguments expressed as clauses) that

1. Has a dedicated (fixed) position in the clause
2. Does NOT occur clause-initial or -finally

The example I have in mind is Thai /kɔ̂ɔ/ and Lao /kaø/, which always occur after the subject. I'm also wondering how much this is specific to Southwestern Tai (or Kra-Dai more generally).

I appreciate every help. Thank you all in advance.

Best regards,

Ponrawee Prasertsom

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Ponrawee Prasertsom

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