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Dear Farhad,
If you are not limiting your use of “marking” to morphology, Mandarin Chinese has a sort of double marking of such phrases, where you often have a serial verb structure with the first verb representing the manner of motion (‘walk’, climb’, ‘run’, etc.), the second the sort of direction of motion (‘enter', ‘arrive', ‘exit'), followed by a location plus a locational noun such as ’top’, ‘bottom’, as in the following natural example:

zǒng    yǒu   mǎyǐ pá     dào   zhuōzi shàng.
always have ants climb arrive table   top
‘There are always ants climbing onto (my) table.’

Each part of the structure has a different function, so I don’t know if this counts as double marking, or just separating the marking into several components.

Hope this helps.

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> On 23 Aug 2021, at 9:52 PM, Farhad Moezzipour <fmp59i at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Is anyone aware of a language where the goal in a motion event is doubly marked? This happens in colloquial Persian:
> (1) Ta     xune=ro          tu  20  dæqiqe dæv-id-æm.
>       until  house=POSP in  20  minute  run-PST-1SG
>       'I ran the distance to the house in 20 minutes.' 
> The goal is marked once by the preposition and once with the postposition RA, which is basically an object maker in Modern Persian. The given example is also possible without RA, as in (2). 
> (2) Ta     xune    20  dæqiqe dæv-id-æm.
>       until  house  20  minute  run-PST-1SG 
>       'I ran toward the house for 20 minutes.' 
> Regards,
> Farhad
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