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Dear All,

I am re-sending the newsletter in order to ensure that everyone partakes of
the information about membership restructuring. Dmitry Idiatov has been
instrumental in this important change. His report is included in the
newsletter but it also follows below, for good measure.

All my bests,

*Report by Dmitry Idiatov*

Starting from January 1, 2022, the membership system of the ALT will
undergo some major changes. Most importantly, the membership fee and the
subscription to the LT will be separated. Membership will be charged during
the conference year for 2 years and will be valid for the period up to but
not including the next ALT conference. For the members participating at the
ALT conference, it will be charged together with the conference fee. A
discounted membership fee will be available for students, colleagues from
lower-income countries, and members who do not plan on participating in the
upcoming ALT conference. For the latter category, the membership fee will
be collected directly by the ALT throughout the year. The ALT also plans to
introduce the options of life-long membership and sponsoring membership, as
well as implement a donation system.

Besides the fact that the way membership has been processed so far is
rather cumbersome for both the members and the ALT, there are three major
reasons for this overhaul of the membership system. First, most members
already had access to the LT through their institutions, on the one hand,
and the percentage of open access papers published in the LT is steadily
increasing, on the other. Second, collecting membership fees together with
the conference fees will allow very many members to get reimbursed for the
entire sum through travel grants, which is currently not possible since
travel grants or research projects usually do not cover membership fees.
Finally, in the new system the entirety of the membership fee will now stay
with the association (against less the 15% of the membership fee
previously) and will allow the ALT to support a much wider range of

Currently, ALT spends most of the funds that it receives through members’
subscriptions to LT in conference years in the form of fellowships for
participating in ALT conferences for colleagues requiring such assistance
and for reimbursing the travel expenses of the ALT award winners. Below is
an open list of some of the new activities that ALT will be able to
implement with the new financial resources becoming available thanks to the
membership system overhaul:

-          Sponsoring other types of events organized by the members with
the goal of promoting linguistic typology besides the ALT conference, such
as summer schools and grass-root initiatives such as the workshop series
“Emerging Topics in Typology” organized by graduate students for
October-November 2021 (

-          Sponsoring the costs of proofreading for the articles by
non-native speakers of English who have been accepted for publication in LT.

-          Sponsoring typologically-oriented series or publications at open
access publishing outlets, such as Language Science Press

-          Sponsoring the expenses for conversion to LaTeX for
typologically-oriented publications at Language Science Press

-          Creating a financial buffer that will be needed for moving the
LT to full open access in the future

As the membership fee and the subscription to the LT will be separated
starting from January 1, 2022, all members wishing to opt out of their
subscription to LT should contact Isolde Graesser at De Gruyter (
Isolde.Graesser at degruyter.com) and request to stop their subscription
effective of December 31, 2021. Those members who wish to continue to
subscribe to LT need not do anything and should be able to profit from the
new lowered journal subscription rates of €60 (regular) and € 37 (student)
+ shipping and handling (for print).

As explained above, the members participating in the upcoming ALT
conference in Austin, Texas, will pay the new membership fee together with
the conference fee. For all the other situations, a dedicated payment
system will be set up in the beginning of 2022

The EC adopted the following fee structure and categories:

-          Regular membership with attending the ALT conference: 60 € /
year x 2 years = 120 € / 2 years

-          Regular membership without attending the ALT conference, Student
membership, Discounted membership for colleagues from lower-income
countries: 30 € / year x 2 years = 60 € / 2 years

-          Sponsoring membership for the members wishing to offer extra
support for the ALT: 240 € / 2 years

-          Lifelong membership: 1200 €.

Ljuba Veselinova, Professor
Dept of Linguistics, Stockholm University, S-10691 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-8-16-2332 Fax: +46-8-15 5389
URL  : https://www.ling.su.se/ljuba.veselinova

"We learn by going where we want to go."
                                          Julia Cameron
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