[Lingtyp] Certain Attestations of Combinatorial Exponence

Ed J Pedraza-Robles edpedraza at utexas.edu
Mon Jun 21 04:59:36 UTC 2021

Hello, all!

I am looking for attestations of a specific pattern of discontinuous
exponence in Cambell 2012’s terminology; namely a pattern of ABA on which I
will elaborate below. Combinatorial exponence occurs when two
monoexponential morphemes that express one morphosyntactic function are
realized differently in their phonology. This is in contrast to the case of
multiple exponence, where one morpheme’s phonological content is realized
multiple times.

The following examples showcase this phenomenon of combinatorial exponence



‘You (PL) walked.‘ Ket (Georg 2007: 219)



‘I didn’t kill him.’ Maricopa (Gordon 1986: 72)

á =mi tamí mé-r-ti-ma? Rarámuri

aff =2sg.nom 1sg.acc win-caus-caus-fut.sg

‘will you make me win?’ Raramuri (Caballero 2013)

All of these demonstrate a pattern of AB types of combinatorial exponence.

These examples from Archi (Kibrik 1977) show patterns of ABBB and AAAB,



‘my own [f]’



‘my own [m]’

My question here is if there are attestations of an ABA pattern of
combinatorial exponence.

Thank you in advance! All errors and misinterpretations are my own.

Best regards,

Ed Pedraza-Robles

*Ed J. Pedraza-Robles (ejp979) *
The University of Texas at Austin | Class of 2020
College of Liberal Arts | Linguistics
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