[Lingtyp] word for "pitch" in languages across the world

Adam James Ross Tallman ajrtallman at utexas.edu
Sun Mar 7 18:05:59 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering how many languages across the world have a word for "pitch".
In a meeting the Chacobo once offered a novel word which roughly translated
to 'speech's song', joi᷄ quëquëti᷄  but it likely wouldn't be understood
without explanation(as far as I know!) and it's obviously not lexicalized.

I'm wondering what cultures/languages have lexicalized this notion?


p.s. You probably don't have to respond to this if you are going to tell me
that some Standard-Average-European language (for example) has a
lexicalized word for pitch. Unless you can tell me something about how the
notion may have arisen historically.


Adam J.R. Tallman
Post-doctoral Researcher
Friedrich Schiller Universität
Department of English Studies
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