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Dingemanse, Mark Mark.Dingemanse at mpi.nl
Wed Mar 10 20:07:43 UTC 2021

Dear all,

For a long time, the ALT website hosted an irregularly updated list of openly available grammars known as Grammar Watch, which started under the auspices of Frans Plank and Martin Haspelmath. ALT would like to continue this service in a more user-friendly and sustainable way. Therefore, we have rebooted Grammar Watch as a living bibliography whose aim is to make it easy to find, read and cite open access grammatical descriptions. You can find it here: https://linguistic-typology.org/grammarwatch/

LingTyp readers will know there are plenty of bibliographic resources online, chief among them the formidable Glottolog. The aim of Grammar Watch is more modest: we aim not for exhaustive coverage but for a manually curated collection that boosts the visibility and usage of high quality open access grammars. One use case we foresee is to make it maximally easy for students to draw from a curated collection of recent grammars directly available for download.

The rebooted Grammar Watch also features an open Zotero group library<https://www.zotero.org/groups/2459672/grammar_watch/library> that users can also tap into directly if they want. Contributing new grammars to the collection is also possible in the same way; details are on the Grammar Watch 'Contribute' page. We hope the new format allows more users to contribute, and helps more researchers to find good open access grammars.

For the ALT Executive Committee,

Mark Dingemanse
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