[Lingtyp] jetzt vs nun

Pierre-Yves Modicom pymodicom.ling at yahoo.fr
Thu May 27 21:19:40 UTC 2021

Dear Sergey,

The following paper is mostly concerned with /jetzt/ (both in narrative 
and in discourse), but it also includes some insights on /nun/ and the 
relationship between both:

Helmut Rehbock. 2009. "„… ohne jetzt nun gleich aggressiv zu werden“: 
Ein Zeitadverb als Diskursmarker", Zeitschrift für germanistische 
Linguistik 37/2, 236-265.

Actually, the entries on /nun/ and /jetzt/ in the Deutsches Wörterbuch 
(Grimm-Wörterbuch) and Wörterbuch der hochdeutschen Mundart (Adelung) 
are quite insightful and might still prove relevant, at least to some 
extent (you can access them via https://woerterbuchnetz.de)


Le 26/05/2021 à 14:58, Sergey Loesov a écrit :
> Dear colleagues,
> could you please suggest me treatments of the relationship between the 
> German words /jetzt/ and /nun/, preferably in discourse rather than in 
> narrative?
> Best wishes,
> Sergey
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