[Lingtyp] Emerging Topics in Typology (ETT2021) - Week 1 Schedule

Ellison Luk ellison.luk at kuleuven.be
Sat Oct 23 09:48:45 UTC 2021

Dear colleagues,

The workshop Emerging Topics in Typology (ETT2021)<https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/emerging-topics-in-typology> will commence next week on Monday October 25th with a welcoming session at 10.30am (Helsinki time), hosted by ALT secretary Ljuba Veselinova. All registered attendees to the workshop will receive a link to the Zoom meeting (for all sessions). If you have not yet registered for the workshop, you may do so - free of charge - through this link<https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/emerging-topics-in-typology/registration>.

Please find below the schedule for the first week (all times in Helsinki local time). You may also find the abstracts in the links. In addition to the scheduled talks, we will have a discussion session hosted by Sebastian Nordhoff at Wednesday 14.00.

October 25th (Monday)

10.30    Opening Session

Session I

11.00    Der sogenannte Absentiv im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kontext, Interaktion und Kognition<https://jottacloud.com/s/135a83e70e4b1334c6a886f5d5f76f3efd2> (Yue Zhou)

11.40    Patterns of body~object colexifications across languages<https://jottacloud.com/s/135f0f29b8e505b4e5ab91988b9ce4a17f0> (Annika Tjuka)

October 27th (Wednesday)

Session II

13:00    There is no Uniquely Optimal Sonority Hierarchy: Phonotactic Investigation of 496 Languages Adopting 40 Sonority Hierarchies<https://jottacloud.com/s/135a545aa0dd7d545868ab0e5149f1974e0> (Ruihua Yin)

13.40    (break)

14.00    Discussion Session (hosted by Sebastian Nordhoff)

15.00    (break)

Session III

16:30    On the typology of European past tenses<https://jottacloud.com/s/135d11acb59e621401c98db000b40ce14bc> (Balázs Kovács)

17:10    Demonstrative Constructions in Ethiopian Oromo<https://jottacloud.com/s/1357e2811842a6a4af5add05a1c326fad68> (Wakweya Olani)

On behalf of the ETT2021 Organising Committee,

Ellison Luk
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