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Dear Colleagues,

The CNRS laboratory “Stucture and Dynamics of Languages” (SeDyL) offers a 3-year postdoc position funded by ANR-DFG. The deadline for the applications is:

30 September 2021

Best wishes,


3-year postdoc position "Work on transcribed and annotated corpora"

General information

Contract period: 36 months

Expected date of employment: 1 February 2022

Remuneration: gross salary between 2650 euros and 2800 euros (depends on experience)

Level of education: PhD (at the time of date of employment)


The position is part of the project “Ergativity and Information Structure: Comparing Chibchan languages”, funded by ANR-DFG, headed by Claudine Chamoreau (SeDyL, CNRS), Stavros Skopeteas (University of Göttingen) and Elisabeth Verhoeven (Humboldt University Berlin). The project aims at developing an improved understanding of two layers of clause structure: alignment and information structure as well as the interaction between these layers. It will provide annotated corpora and empirical studies on Chibchan, a language family from Central America that is underrepresented in linguistic research because it has been understudied. The methodological approach combines exploratory research based on corpora and confirmatory research through field experiments. This combined approach will provide insights into the different types of field data and will yield a sustainable resource for future study of the Chitbchan languages. The research goals include (i) a detailed structural investigation of the syntactic and semantic properties of ergativity; (ii) a study on information structure focusing on the role of microvariation in word order possibilities; and (iii) a precise examination of the role of information structure in the syntax of languages with optional ergative marking.

The main tasks of the postdoctoral researcher will be to 1) compile from existing sources the database of collected corpora; 2) carry out annotations on the corpora; 3) carry out the comparison of the corpora of the different languages; 4) develop experimental methods for the topics studied; 5) present papers at conferences and publish research results in collaboration with other project members. Other research tasks may emerge during the course of the project and work may also be proposed by the postdoctoral researcher. The work will be carried out in collaboration with the project researchers.


The postdoctoral researcher will join the ANR-DFG “Ergativity and Information Structure: Comparing Chibchan languages” research team. S/he will also be encouraged to participate in activities organized by the CNRS laboratory “Stucture and Dynamics of Languages” (SeDyL), such as meetings, seminars, and workshops related to the research axis “From Description to Typology”.


ANR-DFG “Ergativity and Information Structure: Comparing Chibchan languages” research team is looking for a candidate with a good knowledge (PhD) of one (or several) of the following topics: linguistics; typology, perfect use of ELAN, PRATT, FLEx software, annotation of corpora. Good knowledge of tonology, prosody and information structure is also required. The candidate should be able to demonstrate ability for collective work. A good command of French and English is required. It is also essential to have a good knowledge of Spanish. Open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity, attention to detail, and precision are highly desired qualities.

Work Context

The workplace will be at the CNRS laboratory SeDyL located at the Paris-Villejuif CNRS Campus, France [https://sedyl.cnrs.fr/presentation.php?langue=en].

Additional Information

An application should include:

  *   a one-page (max) cover letter stating the applicant’s motivation for this post
  *   a detailed CV
  *   a complete list of publications
  *   a two-pages summary of the applicant’s PhD thesis (and, if possible, a link to the full text of the thesis)
  *   the contact details (email) of two potential referees (and a brief note explaining the reason why the applicant has selected them)

For more information, please contact:

Claudine Chamoreau (PI) : claudine.chamoreau at cnrs.fr

Important note: The submissions must be sent through the online platform of the CNRS.

French version: https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Gestion/Offre/Traductions.aspx?Id=fc2f3ef3-1335-4139-9a3b-b0bf9cff7318
English version: https://emploi.cnrs.fr/Offres/CDD/UMR8202-LAUGUE-001/Default.aspx?Lang=EN

No submissions by direct mail contact will be accepted.

Enrique L. Palancar
Directeur de Recherche
SeDyL(UMR8202), CNRS
7 rue Guy Môquet, 94800 Paris-Villejuif, France
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