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Dear Sergey

I remember Talbot Taylor's book called "Mutual Misunderstanding", in which the concept of human communication is the essential part of the discussion. Also the Alexander Kravchenko's articles (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alexander-Kravchenko-4), with the cognitive linguistics are revised through the Varela and Maturana's biological concept of autopoiesis. Finally, if your student is able to read in Spanish, you could review these documents of the colombian philosopher Roberto Perry about the linguistic sign from Peirce (https://www.academia.edu/36611719/Cuadernos_de_Sistem%C3%A1tica_Peirceana_1) and the arbitrariness in language and cognition (https://www.academia.edu/36611813/Cuadernos_de_Sistem%C3%A1tica_Peirceana_2)

Camilo Diaz

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Dear colleagues,
A doctoral student of mine is going to write, within his program of PhD studies, an essay on how philosophy of language influenced linguistics. I suggested two topics: 1) J. L. Austin’s How to Do Things with Words and the emergence of Speech Acts Theory; 2) Zeno Vendler and the inquiry into actionality classes of verbs.

Could you recommend to me literature wherein the reception of these ideas in linguistics has been discussed?
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