[Lingtyp] Non-compositional words for “rock-paper-scissors"

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SFAIK, this type of construction isn't found in Yahgan, the genetic isolate
from Tierra del Fuego. Games were few and far between anyway in this
culture during its heyday in the mid-to-late 19th century. They had mythic
performances termed 'plays' (enactments) by the British missionary Thomas
Bridges,to whom we owe most of what we know about the language. There were
ring-around-the-rosie type circle games, tugs-of-war, and wrestling games.
These were pretty much the only competitive games. And other three-term
NP's such as lock, stock, and barrel, Bed-Bath-and-Beyond, etc. were not a
part of the linguistic repertoire of Yahgan.
Jess Tauber


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> Hi Ian,
> You're likely aware of this already, but in Cantonese, an alternative name
> is 猜情尋
> caai1 cing4 cam4.
> Regards,
> Ryan
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