[Lingtyp] DoReCo Inauguration 29 July 2022

Frank Seifart seifart at leibniz-zas.de
Mon May 30 16:25:30 UTC 2022

Dear typologists,

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming inauguration of the complete 
DoReCo [Language Documentation Reference Corpus] database, with fully 
processed data sets on a typologically diverse set of 50 (plus one!) 
languages (see http://doreco.info/languages/). For each of these, we 
will make available ca. 10,000 words of narrative texts that are 
phonemically transcribed and time-aligned with the audio signal at the 
segment level. For 36 of these languages, we will additionally provide 
morphological segmentation and glossing.

To mark this occasion, there will be a public event on 29 July 2022, 
3:30-5:30pm CEST, to be held at the ZAS in Berlin and online. We are 
looking forward to a keynote address by Evangelia Adamou and we are also 
very happy that many of the DoReCo corpus contributors will be present 
to introduce themselves and the languages they work on. For the full 
program see the announcements on the DoReCo website 

Online or on-site attendance is free, but registration (by 22 July) is 
required, via this link: https://forms.office.com/r/V3RT5FSFLF.

We hope to see you soon in Berlin or online.

Best wishes

Frank Seifart, on behalf of the DoReCo team

Frank Seifart
Linguist @ ZAS, Berlin

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