[Lingtyp] Linguistic Typology at the Crossroads, Vol. 2, issue 2 now available

Caterina Mauri caterina.mauri at unibo.it
Mon Jan 2 16:48:28 UTC 2023

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that Volume 2, Issue 2 of the journal Linguistic Typology at the Crossroads has been published and is freely available at https://typologyatcrossroads.unibo.it

Best wishes for a happy 2023!

The LTC editors
(Caterina Mauri, Nicola Grandi, Francesca Di Garbo, Andrea Sansò)


Table of Contents

  *   Expletive negation and related problems<https://typologyatcrossroads.unibo.it/article/view/15153>, Paolo Ramat, pp. 1-38

  *   Person alignment in reported speech and thought: the distribution and typology of participant roles (based on six Finno-Ugric languages)<https://typologyatcrossroads.unibo.it/article/view/14826>, Denys Teptiuk, pp. 39-92

  *   Predicting grammatical gender in Nakh languages: Three methods compared<https://typologyatcrossroads.unibo.it/article/view/14545>, Jesse Wichers Schreur, Marc Allassonnière-Tang, Kate Bellamy, Neige Rochant, pp. 93-126

  *   Cross-linguistic sources of anticausative markers<https://typologyatcrossroads.unibo.it/article/view/14224>, Guglielmo Inglese, pp. 127-186

  *   The rise of unemphatic negation: two standard negation constructions in Oji-Cree and their patterns of use<https://typologyatcrossroads.unibo.it/article/view/14864>, Matthew Windsor, pp. 187-221

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Prof. Caterina Mauri

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture moderne
Studio 89, Via Cartoleria 5, 40124 Bologna

Homepage: https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/caterina.mauri
Linguistic Typology at the Crossroads:  https://typologyatcrossroads.unibo.it
KIParla Corpus: http://kiparla.it

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