[Lingtyp] QUERY: lexical expressions for 'lie', 'truth', 'deception' etc. in various languages and cultures

Mike Morgan mwmbombay at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 08:24:17 UTC 2023

In JSL (Japanese Sign Language) the lexical item LIE is formed by the
tongue in one cheek and the index finger of the same side as the cheek in
question touching (or tapping) where the cheek is puffed out by the tongue.
The same "tongue in cheek" (without the index finger point)can be used with
other signs to signify "pretend to X", "pseudo-X"
For example, the tongue in cheek might cooccur with the sign HOUSE-EMPTY to
signify that I pretended not to be home (e.g. when the Yakuza money lender
came to collect the money I owed but didn't have)
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