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Alexandre Arkhipov sarkipo at yandex.ru
Mon Jan 23 13:26:18 UTC 2023

Dear Eline and all,

As far as I can see, GRAID annotations would be mostly word-level 
annotations (not sentence-level), and FLEx only supports sentence-level 
custom tiers so far. Importing any kind of word analysis is very tricky 
(and not supported by FLEx itself as of now).
We're trying to import glosses but that's relying on the information 
stored in the lexicon (so we have to update the lexicon and also the 
word analyses). While annotations like grammatical functions or 
information status do not belong to the lexicon, they would need to be 
stored as "word glosses" in FLEx, and you'd probably need some extra 
writing systems to simulate extra word-level tiers.
An alternative would be to keep GRAID annotations in ELAN and merge them 
with the glossing when you're done with the rest of analysis in FLEx.


20/01/2023 10:07, Eline Visser пишет:
> Hi Alexander,
> There are two things I'd like to do that require a second pass through 
> FLEx:
>  1. Add GRAID annotations in ELAN
>     (https://core.ac.uk/display/144520140), then continue/improve
>     glossing in FLEx.
>  2. Improve transcriptions and translations during a second field trip
>     in ELAN, then regloss in FLEx.
> Eline
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> On Thursday, January 19th, 2023 at 8:24 PM, Alexander Rice 
> <ax.h.rice at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Eline,
>> I'm curious what it is you want to do, that requires a second pass 
>> through FLEx.
>> I've had to think about this with my work, since some of my 
>> recordings are conversations, which FLEx doesn't handle very well, so 
>> generally I just have a separate EAF file per speaker, tag and gloss 
>> each separately in FLEx, then merge all of them together in a single 
>> ELAN file with the 'merge transcription' function. That ensures that 
>> any extra tiers you have that FLEx may ignore make into the final 
>> ELAN file.
>> On Tue, Jan 17, 2023 at 2:02 AM Eline Visser <eelienu at pm.me> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     Has anyone hacked ELAN and FLEx yet so that one can go back and
>>     forth between the two programmes without losing annotations?
>>     Afaik one can go from ELAN to FLEx and back to ELAN, but not a
>>     second time to FLEx. There is a manual that involves a
>>     tier-renaming script at
>>     https://hughp.gitbooks.io/the-flex-anti-manual/content/chapter8.html,
>>     but I can't make it work. Is there a more fool-proof way yet?
>>     Eline Visser
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