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Juergen Bohnemeyer jb77 at buffalo.edu
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Dear all – Does anybody happen to know a hack for extracting text transcribed with the long-defunct Transcriber app? Transcriber was a pre-ELAN-era tool for manual audio transcription that was initially superior to ELAN (for audio transcription) due to running more stably and being way more user-friendly. I think it stopped being updated around 2005.

Just like ELAN stores segmentation and annotation in .eaf files, Transcriber did so in .trs files. What I’m looking for is some way of extracting transcripts I made in 2004 from such .trs files. I apparently never bothered to export these to a format of greater longevity, presumably because when I stopped using Transcriber, or even thinking about it, I never made a decision to do any of these things. I suppose there’s a lesson there.

I can think of a variety of potential solutions for this: Maybe somebody developed an ELAN process for importing .trs files? Maybe someone still has a functional Transcriber installation and would be willing to open and export my files? (They’re not huge, we’re talking a couple of stories, I think.) Or maybe somebody knows some other app that can open .trs files?

Thanks! -- Juergen

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