25.3870, Calls: Socioling, Anthropological Ling, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/Hong Kong

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LINGUIST List: Vol-25-3870. Thu Oct 02 2014. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 25.3870, Calls: Socioling, Anthropological Ling, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/Hong Kong

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Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2014 18:36:46
From: Katherine Chen [khychen at hku.hk]
Subject: Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (De)standardization

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Full Title: Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (De)standardization 

Date: 03-Jun-2015 - 06-Jun-2015
Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong 
Contact Person: Adam Jaworski
Meeting Email: slxg2015 at hku.hk
Web Site: http://www.english.hku.hk/events/slxg2015 

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 20-Oct-2014 

Meeting Description:

The Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (de)standardization

2015, 3-6 June, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Following on a decade from the 'Language & Global Communication' conference held at Cardiff University (2005), the sociolinguistics of globalization has emerged and developed as an important, interdisciplinary programme of research. Much excellent work has broadened our understanding of the role of language in the representation, manifestation and spread of the ideologies and material processes of globalization. 

We invite a reflection and re-assessment of these issues. Specifically, as suggested in the subtitle of the conference, we propose to focus on issues of spatial and symbolic mobility, change and paradigmatic state of flux that appear to characterize much of contemporary social life. With the social, cultural, political and economic processes continuing to destabilize traditional 'centres' and normativities, we are interested in identifying new, emerging regimes of language, dominant language ideologies, and the resources that are deployed to maintain and to subvert these ideologies.

We continue asking two fundamental and interrelated questions: How are we to continue theorizing language and communication under globalization? How can sociolinguistic theory shed new light on our understanding of globalization?

Plenary Speakers:

- Nikolas Coupland
University of Technology, Sydney and Copenhagen University
- Christopher Hutton
University of Hong Kong
- Michelle Lazar
National University of Singapore
- Christopher Stroud
University of the Western Cape
- Kathryn Woolard
University of California, San Diego

Invited Panels:

Dialects and Globalization
Organizers: Peter Auer and Barbara Johnstone
University of Freiburg and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Online News
Organizers: Allan Bell, Alwin Aguirre and Philippa Smith
Auckland University of Technology and University of Hong Kong

Complex Sociolinguistics
Organizer: Jan Blommaert
Tilburg University

Language Change in London and Paris
Organizers: Penelope Gardner-Chloros, Jenny Cheshire and Maria Secova
Birkbeck University of London, Queen Mary University of London and Birkbeck University of London

The Local and/or The Global: The Discursive Construction of Imaginaries
Organizers: Michał Krzyżanowski and David Machin
Örebro University

Crisis? What Crisis?
Organizers: Nuria Lorenzo-Dus and Philippa Smith
Swansea University and Auckland University of Technology

Illusions and Delusions of the Centre
Organizer: Tope Omoniyi
University of Roehampton London

Mainstreaming Periphery in Sociolinguistics
Organizers: Sari Pietikäinen and Helen Kelly-Holmes
University of Jyväskylä and University of Limerick

Engaging the World of Language Work/ers
Organizer: Crispin Thurlow
University of Bern

Invited Round Table Meeting:

Englishes in Multilingual Asia
Conveners: Katherine Chen and Lisa Lim
University of Hong Kong

2nd Call for Papers:

Due to numerous requests, the deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended to October 20 2014.

Abstract submission due soon: 20 October, 2014 (extended)

Against the backdrop of one of the most diverse and international cities in the world, we invite language and communication scholars to take part in an on-going debate of sociolinguistic change under globalization. We are asking two fundamental and interrelated questions: How are we to continue theorizing language and communication under globalization? How can sociolinguistic theory shed new light on our understanding of globalization?

The topics of the papers, special interest panels and plenary lectures include, but are not limited to, the following key themes:

- Communities, networks, groups and individuals
- Organizations, institutions, collectives
- Time and place
- Hubs, margins and peripheries
- Nodes and trajectories
- Work and leisure
- War and peace
- Heart and mind
- Love and hate
- Thinking beyond the binaries
- The commodification of social life
- Crisis? what crisis?
- Occupy and activism
- Resources
- Superdiversity, class, privilege
- Creativity, reproduction, appropriation
- Legitimacy, censorship, contestation and (self-) reflexivity
- Mobilities, cultures of (im)mobility and displacement
- Singularity and normativity
- Mediations and mediatizations
- Embodied and multisensory communication
- Affect, pleasure, sensuality
- Technologies, environments, futures
- Art and performance
- Rituals and spectacles

We invite abstract submissions for individual papers and panels (to consist of 4–8 individual papers).

Panel organisers are responsible for the invitation, abstract selection, and the overall quality of the abstracts. 

Organizers are welcome to post an open call for abstracts for your panel on the conference website to connect with potential authors. Please send us an email (slxg2015 at hku.hk) with relevant information (panel title, a brief description, and your email for potential authors to contact you directly). 

Submission of Abstracts:

Extended deadline for abstract submission is 20 October 2014. All submissions have to be made via our online submission tool: http://www.english.hku.hk/events/slxg2015.

Evaluation of Proposals:

Abstracts and proposals for individual papers and thematic panels will be evaluated by the Conference Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee in terms of their quality of content, significance, and thematic relevance.

Conference Presentation Policy:

Individuals may submit only one abstract as the sole/first author of a paper. In addition, an individual may have a role as a panel organizer, discussant, or co-author/co-presenter of other papers with another presenter as the first-named author.

All attending/presenting authors of papers in parallel or panel sessions, panel organizers, and attending participants must register for the conference.


Submission of abstracts opens: 1 July 2014
Submission of abstracts closes: 20 October 2014 (extended)
Notification of acceptance: January 2015
Registration opens: January 2015
Conference takes place: 3–6 June 2015

Organizing Committee:

The Conference is organized by The School of English, The University of Hong Kong 


Katherine Chen
Adam Jaworski (Chair)
Lisa Lim
Adrian Pablé

Email: slxg2015 at hku.hk
Website: http://www.english.hku.hk/events/slxg2015
Telephone: +852 3917-2749
Fax: +852 2559-7139

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-3870	


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