25.4006, Support: Discourse Analysis, Interactional Linguistics / Switzerland

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LINGUIST List: Vol-25-4006. Mon Oct 13 2014. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 25.4006, Support: Discourse Analysis, Interactional Linguistics / Switzerland

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Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 21:04:31
From: Agnes Kolmer [agnes.kolmer at uzh.ch]
Subject: Discourse Analysis, Interactional Linguistics: PhD Student, University of Zurich, Switzerland

E-mail this message to a friend:
 Institution/Organization: University of Zurich 
Department: URPP Language and Space 
Web Address: http://www.spur.uzh.ch 

Level: PhD 

Duties: Research,Project Work
Specialty Areas: Discourse Analysis 


The University Research Priority Program (URPP) Language and Space at the University of Zurich invites applications for a doctoral position starting on January 1, 2015, for the duration of two years. 

Research in the URPP Language and Space focuses on the basic interfaces of language and space. This includes both the situational embedding of speech through perception, movement and action in a specific environment ('interactional spaces') as well as the distribution of languages and linguistic structures in geographical and social space ('language areas'). The URPP utilizes the latest technology in data collection, processing and analysis and combines insights from interactional linguistic research with language typology and dialectology. Researchers from a variety of fields, such as Computational Linguistics, General Linguistics, Geographic Information Science and Technology, English Linguistics, German Linguistics, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies, popular culture and empirical cultural studies, collaborate in the URPP. For more information about the program please see: www.spur.uzh.ch

Duties and Responsibilities:
The URPP Language and Space seeks candidates who want to develop their own PhD project focusing on the relations between physical space and interaction through interactional linguistics and conversation analysis. The successful applicant will be part of the research group 'Interactional Spaces', whose research focuses on the relationship between interaction, language and architecture, examining empirically various spatialities on the basis of video recordings. In addition to her/his own research, she/he will contribute to other URPP projects. In return we offer an innovative research environment and extensive support from an interdisciplinary team.

Applicants must have completed a Master's degree with excellence (or an equivalent level degree) in Linguistics and are now striving to specialize in Interactional Linguistics with a focus on the relation between language and space. Experience in collecting and analyzing video data is required. Familiarity with approaches and issues of conversation analysis together with a general interest in innovative methods for collecting and analyzing face-to-face interaction with cutting-edge technology are an asset. 
Candidates should have excellent German and English language skills (both written and oral), or the willingness to acquire them within the first six months of the position. 

How to apply:
Applicants should submit the following documents in a single pdf with the subject line "Interaktionsraum PhD" to info at spur.uzh.ch, by November 15, 2014.
- curriculum vitae (CV); 
- motivational letter; 
- PhD project proposal of one page;
- transcripts;
- two references; 
- the applicant's contact information. 

The position will start on January 1, 2015 or on arrangement.
For more information about this position, please contact Dr. Agnes Kolmer at agnes.kolmer at uzh.ch 

Application Deadline: 15-Nov-2014 

Web Address for Applications: info at spur.uzh.ch 

Contact Information: 
	Agnes Kolmer 
	info at spur.uzh.ch  

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-4006	


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