25.4018, Jobs: Japanese; Phonetics; Phonology: Japanese Linguist, Ivona Software / Amazon.com

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LINGUIST List: Vol-25-4018. Mon Oct 13 2014. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 25.4018, Jobs: Japanese; Phonetics; Phonology: Japanese Linguist, Ivona Software / Amazon.com

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Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 21:11:56
From: Marco Nicolis [nicolism at amazon.com]
Subject: Japanese; Phonetics; Phonology: Japanese Linguist, Ivona Software / Amazon.com, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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University or Organization: Ivona Software / Amazon.com 
Job Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom 
Job Title: Japanese Linguist
Job Rank: Scientist

Specialty Areas: Phonetics; Phonology 

Required Language(s): Japanese (jpn)


As a Linguist you will work alongside Software Developers who are subject
matter experts in speech synthesis and related fields to define and fulfill
linguistic data needs. You are expected to have solid knowledge of theoretical
linguistics, in particular phonology/phonetics. You will be working on a
variety of tasks to improve natural language processing of TTS
(text-to-speech). You will collaborate with a Software Developer with
linguistic expertise throughout the whole language and voice building process
at Ivona/Amazon. 

Project duration: 9-18 months.

The tasks include:
- Annotating and reviewing linguistic data.
- Creating accurate phonetic transcriptions for Japanese.
- Creating natural language test cases for natural language processing
- Labeling text with semantic, syntactic and morphological features
- Annotating lexicon entries according to guidelines.
- QA of TTS voices and linguistic data.

- Native speaker of Japanese and fluent in English.
- Degree in Linguistics, Computational Linguistics or similar.
- Knowledge of Japanese phonetics and phonology.
- Solid communication skills.
- Strong personal interest in learning, researching, and creating new
technologies related to foreign languages, linguistics, phonetics, phonology
and language technology.
- Superior attention to detail.
- Comfortable working in a fast paced, highly collaborative, dynamic work

- Comfort with multiple computing platforms (Unix, Mac, Windows).
- Knowledge of command line tools under Unix.
- Knowledge of scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Python).
- Knowledge of software version control tools (e.g. Git)

The candidate can work from one of the following Amazon offices: Poland
(Gdansk), UK (Cambridge) or the US (Cambridge/Boston).

Application Deadline: 01-May-2015 (Open until filled)
Email Address for Applications: recruitment at ivona.com 
Contact Information:
	Marco Nicolis 
	Email: nicolism at amazon.com 

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-4018	


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