25.4038, Calls: Discourse Analysis/Spain

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Subject: 25.4038, Calls: Discourse Analysis/Spain

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Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 23:34:52
From: Pilar Blitvich [pgblitvi at uncc.edu]
Subject: Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis

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Full Title: Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis 
Short Title: ADDA 

Date: 19-Nov-2015 - 20-Nov-2015
Location: www.uv.es/adda, Spain 
Contact Person: Patricia Bou-Franch
Meeting Email: patricia.bou at uv.es

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis 

Call Deadline: 15-Feb-2015 

Meeting Description:

1st International Conference: Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis:  ADDA 1 
Valencia, 19-20 November 2015

This conference aims to bring together researches interested in the analysis of digital discourse from different disciplines, approaches and traditions. Thus, it seeks to foster state-of-the-art debates and discussions on this burgeoning field of research and provide opportunities for multidisciplinary and critical reflection.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

Jannis Androutsopoulos – Universität Hamburg 
Susan C. Herring – Indiana University
Crispin Thurlow – University of Bern

Call for Papers:

Papers are invited for the 1st International Conference: Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis - ADDA 1, which will take place in Valencia, 19-20 November 2015.

Conference Themes:

Papers are invited from discourse scholars from different traditions focusing on digital discourse, among others:

- Research methods in digital discourse analysis
- Critical digital discourse analysis
- Micro analysis of digital discourse
- Digital genres
- Discourse and identities in the digital world
- Multimodality and digital discourse
- Conflict in digital discourse
- Cognitive approaches to discourse analysis
- Digital discourse and the professions
- Digital service encounters
- Political discourse in the digital age
- Gender and the digital media
- Digital discourse and education

Submission Information:

Panel Proposals:

Panel proposals are invited by 15 January 2015. Decisions will be notified by 30 January. Panels may include up to 6 papers. Individual panel members should submit abstracts, marking the Panel name, to the conference address by 15 February 2015. All abstracts, both in panels and as individual papers, will be subject to double blind peer review.

Individual Papers:

Abstracts of no more than 350 words, including references, are invited. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 February 2015. Please send the abstracts to the conference email address, as a word document and remember not to include author(s) name and affiliation in the abstract. 

Notification of acceptance by 15 March. 

Conference website: www.uv.es/adda


For any queries please contact ADDA 1 organizers, Patricia Bou-Franch (Universitat de València) and Pilar Garcés-Conejos Blitvich (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), at adda.organizers at gmail.com

Scientific Committee:

Freddie Attenborough - Loughborough University  
Paul Baker - University of Lancaster
Noemi Baron - American University
Marta Dynel - University of Łódź 
Will Gibson - Institute of Education. University of London
Rodney Jones - City University of Hong Kong 
Miriam Locher - Universität Basel
Sergio Maruenda Bataller - Universitat de València
Ruth Page - University of Leicester 
Carmen Pérez Sabater - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 
José Santaemilia Ruiz - Universitat de València 
Wyke Stommel - Radboud University Nijmegen
Francisca Suau Jiménez - Universitat de València 
Francisco Yus - Universidad de Alicante
Wei Zhang- Peking University

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