25.4065, Calls: Language Acquisition/Philippines

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Subject: 25.4065, Calls: Language Acquisition/Philippines

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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 20:16:00
From: Randy LaPolla [randy.lapolla at gmail.com]
Subject: 11th International Conference on Bilingual Studies

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Full Title: 11th International Conference on Bilingual Studies 
Short Title: ICBS11 

Date: 12-Feb-2015 - 15-Feb-2015
Location: Manila, Philippines 
Contact Person: Qi Hua Fan
Meeting Email: qihua.fan at cksc.edu.ph

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition 

Call Deadline: 31-Jan-2015 

Meeting Description:

The 11th International Conference on Bilingual Studies will be organized by Chiang Kai Shek College, and held in Manila, Philippines, from February 12 to 15, 2015. Scholars and researchers involved in the discipline are highly encouraged to participate.

The International Association for Bilingual Studies (formerly Bilingual Studies Research Center) was founded in 1999 at Minzu University of China, under the leadership of Professor Dai Qingxia. Beginning with the Association’s First International Conference during the same year, the Association has held ten conferences within and outside of China (the 9th International Conference (2012) was held in Thailand, and the recent 10th International Conference (2013) was held in Guiyang, China).

The association, emphasizing the importance of bilingualism in modern society, highly values scholarly research, insights and discussions on bilingualism. The association hopes to build stronger ties among scholars, to help them develop a deeper understanding of the issues related to bilingualism, and to push bilingual studies to new heights, and so the association organizes annual conferences as an avenue for exploring, sharing and learning.

Registration fee: USD 200. The fee will cover conference materials, venue transportation, snacks and meals on February 13-14, and the Cultural Tours on February 15. Payment can be made upon arrival at the conference site.

For those who want to register but not present a paper: complete the registration form and send it by email to qihua.fan at cksc.edu.ph on or before January 31, 2015.

Call for Papers:

The conference topics will include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Research on bilingual education theories
2. Theoretical significance and application value of research on bilingualism
3. Modernization of bilingual education
4. Research on the pedagogy and instruction of bilingual education
5. Research on the programs and policies of bilingual studies
6. Comparative study of mother tongue and second language
7. Research on the bilingualism issues of a specific region or group

For paper submitters: Papers in English or Chinese should be submitted by email to qihua.fan at cksc.edu.ph on or before November 30, 2014, together with the registration form (attached). The conference committee will invite a panel of renowned experts and scholars to review and screen the submissions anonymously. Authors will be notified of the result within two weeks of submission.

Schedule of Events:


February 12, 2015
Registration and payment
CKS College Auditorium

February 13, 2015
(Entire Day)
Opening Ceremonies Conference Proper
(Plenary speeches and parallel sessions)
CKS College Auditorium
Ching Ban Lee
Memorial Hall

February 14, 2015
(Entire Day)
Conference Proper
(plenary speeches and parallel sessions)
CKS College Auditorium, Ching Ban Lee
Memorial Hall

February 15, 2015
Cultural Tours

Conference languages will include both English and Mandarin Chinese. Translation services will be offered.

Contact Information:

Organizer: Chiang Kai Shek College
Address: 1274 Padre Algue Street, Tondo, 1012 Manila, Philippines
Landline: +63-2-252-6125
Mobile: +63-922-842-1915
Email: qihua.fan at cksc.edu.ph
Contact person: Mr. Fan Qi Hua

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