25.4250, Confs: Historical Linguistics, Phonology/Netherlands

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Subject: 25.4250, Confs: Historical Linguistics, Phonology/Netherlands

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 16:53:56
From: Martin Kümmel [martin-joachim.kuemmel at uni-jena.de]
Subject: Historical Phonology and Phonological Theory

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Historical Phonology and Phonological Theory 
Short Title: HistPhonTheor 

Date: 02-Sep-2015 - 05-Sep-2015 
Location: Leiden, Netherlands 
Contact: Martin Joachim Kümmel Roland Noske 
Contact Email: martin-joachim.kuemmel at uni-jena.de 
Meeting URL: http://www.indogermanistik.uni-jena.de/dokumente/PDF/histphon.pdf 

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics; Phonology 

Meeting Description: 

Reconstruction of segment inventories of languages and description of sound changes (e.g. from PIE to daughter languages) often date back a century or more, from a time when linguistic insights were radically different from the ones of today. Nevertheless, analyses of 19th and early 20th century scholars are often taken for granted. This discrepancy is also reflected in the present-day division between historical linguistics and synchronic linguistics: whereas in, e.g., Indo-European or Uralic linguistics one often focuses on isolated phenomena, a more systemic vision prevails in synchronic linguistics. At the same time, many synchronic phonologists are usually still not very interested in descriptions of historical phenomena. In more recent times, some attempts have been made to bridge this gap. In historical linguistics systemic approaches have at least been advocated more and more since Martinet 1955 (cf. also Back 1991) but have still not been very much applied (like in Greenberg 2000 or Kobayashi 2004). In theoretical phonology, approaches such as evolutionary phonology (Blevins 2004) have tried to profit from the data and insights of historical linguistics and include them in the modeling of phonology. In Honeybone & Salmons (to appear) there will also be various contributions of this kind. The aim of the present workshop proposal is to strengthen these developments and make historical linguistics and modern phonology come together and benefit from each other. More concretely, we would like to invite modern analyses of historical phonological phenomena about segment inventories as well as historical phonological processes.


Back, Michael. 1991. Die synchrone Prozeßbasis des natürlichen Lautwandels. Stutt¬gart: Steiner.
Blevins, Juliette. 2004. Evolutionary Phonology: The Emergence of Sound Patterns. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Greenberg, Marc L. 2000. A historical phonology of the Slovene language. Heidelberg: Winter.
Honeybone, Patrick & Joseph Salmons (eds.), to appear. The Oxford Handbook of Historical Phonology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Kobayashi, Masato. 2004. Historical phonology of Old Indo-Aryan consonants. Tokyo: Research Institute for languages and cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Martinet, André. 1955. Economie des changements phonétiques: traité de phonologie diachronique. Berne: Francke. 2. éd. Berne: Francke 1964. 

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