25.4260, Software: Universal Dependencies, Version 1

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LINGUIST List: Vol-25-4260. Mon Oct 27 2014. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.

Subject: 25.4260, Software: Universal Dependencies, Version 1

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 22:07:10
From: Joakim Nivre [joakim.nivre at lingfil.uu.se]
Subject: Universal Dependencies, Version 1

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We are happy to announce the release of the annotation guidelines for
Universal Dependencies at http://universaldependencies.github.io/docs/.
Universal Dependencies is a project that seeks to develop cross-linguistically
consistent treebank annotation for many languages with the goal of
facilitating multilingual parser development, cross-lingual learning, and
parsing research from a language typology perspective. The annotation scheme
is based on (universal) Stanford dependencies (de Marneffe et al., 2006, 2008,
2014), Google universal part-of-speech tags (Petrov et al., 2012), and the
Interset interlingua for morphosyntactic tagsets (Zeman, 2008). The general
philosophy is to provide a universal inventory of categories and guidelines to
facilitate consistent annotation of similar constructions across languages,
while allowing language-specific extensions when necessary.

We intend to treat version 1 as stable for at least the next year, but we may
subsequently make further revisions based on experiences using it to treebank
a range of languages. Our goal is to make a first release of data sets with
language-specific documentation by January 1, 2015. If you are interested in
contributing to this effort, please get in touch.

Jinho Choi, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Tim Dozat, Filip Ginter, Yoav
Goldberg, Jan Hajic, Christopher Manning, Ryan McDonald, Joakim Nivre, Slav
Petrov, Sampo Pyysalo, Natalia Silveira, Reut Tsarfaty, Dan Zeman

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-4260	


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