25.4270, Calls: Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax, Typology/Poland

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Subject: 25.4270, Calls: Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax, Typology/Poland

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 23:46:37
From: Philomen Probert [philomen.probert at wolfson.ox.ac.uk]
Subject: Insufficient Strength to Defend Its Case: Case Attraction and Related Phenomen

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Full Title: Insufficient Strength to Defend Its Case: Case Attraction and Related Phenomena 

Date: 18-Sep-2015 - 19-Sep-2015
Location: Wrocław, Poland 
Contact Person: Philomen Probert
Meeting Email: philomen.probert at wolfson.ox.ac.uk
Web Site: http://case-attraction.eventbrite.com 

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics; Morphology; Syntax; Typology 

Call Deadline: 15-May-2015 

Meeting Description:

This two-day conference on case attraction and related phenomena will take place on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September 2015 at the University of Wrocław.

The conference will explore the whole range of phenomena traditionally described in terms of 'case attraction', together with the history of the subject. The aim is to bring together scholars interested in case attraction and related phenomena, often in different traditions and different parts of the world, to try to communicate across different perspectives and frameworks and explore a subject of common interest. The conference will include a history of scholarship dimension, alongside theoretical and typological contributions.

An extraordinary amount of work on (so-called) case attraction of the Greek relative pronoun was done in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, by a circle of scholars associated with Richard Förster. Förster was trained in Breslau (Wrocław) in the 1860's. Like a near-contemporary of his, Isidor Krause, he devoted his doctoral dissertation to case attraction. Förster went on to devote his Habilitationsschrift to the subject, and this remains a substantial source of good observations; he later wrote about similar phenomena in Latin too. Förster held posts in Rostock (1875–1881), Kiel (1881–1890) and finally his alma mater Breslau (1890–1922). Over several decades he inspired many pupils and other scholars, both in Breslau and elsewhere, to work on case attraction of the Greek relative pronoun in classical and post-classical authors. (A bibliography of these works is available on request from Philomen Probert: philomen.probert at wolfson.ox.ac.uk.)

There is now considerable interest in case attraction cross-linguistically, and ancient Greek remains central to the discussion. The descriptive generalisations on which the modern work depends were first worked out by the scholars of Förster's circle. The contribution of these scholars tends to be forgotten, yet not all their observations have found their way into the standard handbooks. Furthermore, modern scholars working on the subject are often working in different traditions from one another, with different perspectives and terminology.

This is a joint event of the Center for General and Comparative Linguistics at the University of Wrocław and the Philological Society, and is generously supported also by the Faculty of Linguistics at the University of Oxford and the UCLA Program in Indo-European Studies.

Confirmed invited speakers are Professor Markus Bader (Frankfurt), Professor Josef Bayer (Konstanz), Professor Henk Van Riemsdijk (Arezzo), and Professor Ralf Vogel (Bielefeld).

Call for Papers:

In order to offer a paper, please submit an abstract by 15 May 2015 as an email attachment in pdf format, to Dr Alessandro Vatri (case.attraction at ling-phil.ox.ac.uk). Abstracts must be no longer than one A4 page (with margins at least 2.5 cm on all sides) or one letter page (with margins at least 2 cm top and bottom, and at least 1 cm left and right), including any bibliography, figures, etc. Abstracts may be single spaced, but please use type no smaller than 12 points.

We therefore invite papers on the whole range of phenomena traditionally described in terms of case attraction, in any languages, together with the history of the subject. Papers should make a serious theoretical, typological, or historical contribution, while being accessible to participants from a wide range of traditions and frameworks.

The attachment containing the abstract should not include any indication of the author's identity. Authors will be notified of decisions by 15 June.

Registration and Student Travel Grants:

No fee will be charged for full members or student associate members of the Philological Society attending this conference. A fee of £10 will be charged to non-members (£5 to students). Fees will be collected on the first day of the event during Registration. Fees will be waived for individuals who join the Philological Society on the day. The membership application form is available online from www.philsoc.org.uk/membership.asp. Membership subscription is £10 per annum for full members, or £10 for five years for student associate members. The conference dinner on the Friday evening, as well as tea and coffee on both days, are provided free of charge for all registered participants.

To book a place at this event, please register by 30 August 2015 via http://case-attraction.eventbrite.com (or by letter to Professor Joanna Błaszczak, Center for General and Comparative Linguistics, ul. Kuźnicza 22, 50–138 Wrocław, Poland).

To book accommodation at the nearby Tumski Hotel (http://www.hotel-tumski.com.pl/en), please book directly with the hotel (hotel at hotel-tumski.com.pl or fax +48 71 322 61 13). The hotel has special rates for conference participants: PLN 200/night for a single room, PLN 300/night for a double room (these rates include breakfasts). The rooms will be available for booking at these rates until 20 June 2015. You should mention the 'conference on case attraction' when booking.

The Philological Society intends to offer some travel grants to enable students to attend this event. If you are a registered student and would like to apply for funding, please contact the Hon. Treasurer, Dr Stephen Colvin, by email to treasurer at philsoc.org.uk by 20 June 2015; ask your supervisor to write to him in support of your application. If you are also submitting an abstract for consideration for the conference, you may apply for a grant for travel and accommodation at the same time (up to the deadline of 15 May 2015 for submitting abstracts).

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