25.4274, Calls: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Lang, Pragmatics, Semantics/UK

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Subject: 25.4274, Calls: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Lang, Pragmatics, Semantics/UK

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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 11:17:18
From: Minyao Huang [mh538 at cam.ac.uk]
Subject: Expressing the Self: Philosophical and Linguistic Aspec

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Full Title: Expressing the Self: Philosophical and Linguistic Aspect 

Date: 18-Sep-2015 - 18-Sep-2015
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom 
Contact Person: Minyao Huang
Meeting Email: mh538 at cam.ac.uk

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Language; Pragmatics; Semantics 

Call Deadline: 01-Mar-2014 

Meeting Description:

Referring to the self can be achieved in a variety of ways, including
first-person pronouns, impersonal forms, reflexives, proper names, common
nouns, and other types of expressions. While philosophers of language normally
discuss first-person reference in terms of the indexical/nonindexical
distinction, and in the case of belief reports, the de se/de re distinction,
linguists point out the overwhelming variety of forms languages employ for
this purpose (viz. 51 forms for ‘I’ in Japanese, 27 in Thai). Firstly,
honorifics for the first person (e.g. in Thai, Korean, or Vietnamese) enable
the speaker to refer to herself not in an immediately-given way. Secondly, in
languages such as Amharic and Chinese, first-person pronouns can be used to
attribute the immediate access to oneself to a third party.

Call for Papers:

We invite talks on both the linguistic and philosophical aspects of self-referring, aiming at a cross-disciplinary discussion that will inform both disciplines.

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