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International Conference on Computer Science
(CII'99 :  Conférence Internationale en Informatique)

November 22-23, 1999, Annaba, Algeria

Organized by
Department of Computer Science - University of Annaba - Algeria
http ://
email : ainfo at

The International Conference on Computer Science will be held in 1999
at the Department of computer science, Annaba, Algeria. The Purpose of
this conference is to bring together researchers, developers and
practitioners from academia and industry. The Conference provides an
international forum for presentation and discussion of research on
computer science. The conference will feature contributed papers ,
tutorials and Posters concerned with theory, practice and applications

The topics will include, the following areas :

· Software Engineering
· Artificial Intelligence
· Computer Human Interaction
· Natural Language Processing
· Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
· Pattern Recognition
· Modeling, Scheduling

Submission of Papers :
We solicit new research and ?real experience? papers in any of the
technical areas listed above. Manuscripts must be in English, or
French double-spaced, 12 point font, and must not exceed 16 pages. The
first page of the manuscript should include the article title,
authors' name(s), affiliations, postal addresses, telephone and fax
numbers, and e-mail address of the principal author. The second page
should begin with the article title, a brief abstract, keywords and
the text.  Papers will be peer-reviewed. The submission process of
papers will be handled electronically. Authors unable to submit
electronically are invited to send three copies and one copy in 3?1/2
disk of their contribution to the Program Chair before May 31, 1999 at
the following address.

(Please e-mail the Program Chair to inform him that your paper has
been mailed and you will present the paper if the paper is accepted.):
Mohamed Tayeb Laskri , Program Chair
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of  Science , University of
B.P. 12 , Annaba 23000, Algeria.
Telephone and Fax : (213) 8 87 28 12,  (213) 8 87 27 56
E-mail: laskri at, laskri at

Final version of selected papers will be published in the scientific
and technologic revue in a special number « Synthèse  ISSN 111-4924»

Submission of Tutorials:
We invite you to submit proposals for technical tutorials.  A proposal
should include the title, instructor's name, topics covered, length of
the tutorial, equipment needed, and instructor's biography and
qualifications.  It should also indicate the objectives and the time
allocation for major course topics.

  Important Deadlines :
Papers and Tutorials Due :      May 31, 1999
Notification of Acceptance :    September 4, 1999
Final text :                    October 2, 1999

For more information, please contact :
CII?99, Department of Computer Science - University of Annaba, B.P.12
Annaba 23000 Algeria.
Telephone and Fax : (213) 8 87 27 56, (213) 8 87 28 12
Email:  {ainfo, cii99}
Web Site for current information about the cii?99
Go to
http ://

Program Committee chairman :                            Med Tayeb Laskri

Permanent Secretary :                                   Djamel Essolh
Organization chairman :                                 Tahar Bensebaa

International Program Committee :

M.Ahmed-Nacer (University of Algiers, Algeria)
E.Aimeur (University of Montreal, Canada)
A.Aissani (University of Blida, Algeria)
D.Aissani (University of Bejaia, Algeria)
A.Ait-Aoudia (I.N.I., Algiers, Algeria)
Y.Amghar (INSA, Lyon, France)
M.Amjad (Philadelphia University, Aman, Jordan)
A.Attoui (LLP/CESALP, University of Savoie, France)
M.Babes (University of Annaba, Algeria)
N.Badache (University of Algiers, Algeria)
M.Badri (Universiy of Quebec, Canada)
M.C.Batouche (University of Constantine, Algeria)
M.Bedda (University of Annaba, Algeria)
N.Belkhiter (Laval University, Canada)
S.Benbernou (University of Oran, Algeria)
M.S.Bendelloul (University of Annaba, Algeria)
B.Bendjillali (University of Oran, Algeria)
A.Benhamadou (University of Sfax, Tunisia)
S.A.Benjelloun (ITS, Rabat, Morocco)
T.Bensebaa (University of Annaba, Algeria)
M.Bettaz (University of Constantine, Algeria)
E.Bianco (University of Aix-Marseille II, France)
M.Boualem (LPL, University of Aix-Marseille, France)
M.Boufaida (University of Constantine, Algeria)
Z.Boufaida (University of Constantine, Algeria)
A.Boukaram (University of Setif, Algeria)
M.Chaib-Draa (University of Quebec, Canada)
N.Djeddi (University of Biskra, Algeria)
N.Doghmane (University of Annaba, Algerie)
H.Drias (University of Algiers, Algeria)
H.Hadjami ben ghezala (Ensi, Tunis, Tunisia)
A.Henni (I.N.I., Algiers, Algeria)
A.Hocine (University of Peau , France)
S.Ghoul (Philadelphia University, Aman, Jordan)
T.Khammaci (University of Nantes, France)
M.K.Kholladi (University of Constantine, Algeria)
J.M.Knippel (University of Provence, France)
M.Lalam (University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria)
Med Tayeb Laskri (University of Annaba, Algeria)
Z.Maamar (University of Quebec, Canada)
M.Maouche (University of Constantine, Algeria)
M.Masud (Philadelphia University, Aman, Jordan)
M.Mezghiche (University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria)
A.Mokhtari-Aissani (University of Algiers, Algerie)
C.Oussalah (University of Nimes, France)
G.Perennou (University of Toulouse, France)
I.Rassoul (University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria)
D.Rebaine (Université of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria)
Z.Sahnoun (University of Constantine, Algeria)
M.Sellami (University of Annaba, Algeria)
M.Si-Mohammed (University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria)
S.Slaoui (University of Rabat, Morocco)
Y.Slimani (University of Tunis, Tunisia)
N.Vigouroux (University of Toulouse, France)
N.Vincent (University of Tours, France)
R.Zajac (New Mexico State University, USA)
Z.Zemirli (I.N.I., Algiers, Algeria)
A.Ziou (University of  Scherbrook, Canada)

New Mexico State University, CRL, Dept 3CRL
Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003, USA
Tel Office: (1) 505-646-5711
Fax: (1) 505-646-6218
E-mail : malek at

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