Ecole: Corpus Linguistics and Digitisation Summer School

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                    SOCRATES Intensive Programme

                  University of Glasgow, Scotland

                       June 21 - July 2 1999

                         10 ECTS available

An EU-funded two-week summer school in Corpus Linguistics and
Digitisation will be held at the University of Glasgow, Scotland from
21 June to 2 July 1999. 10 ECTS credits are available on successful
completion of the course which is open to students attending
universities in countries participating in the SOCRATES scheme.

The teaching staff is drawn from the particpating institutions; the
Universities of Bergen, Cork, Glasgow, Joensuu, Nijmegen and
Roma. Students will follow a common track in the first week, before
following a track in either Corpus Linguistics or Digitisation in the
second week. The course will cover the following areas:

Corpus Linguistics:
* Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
* Building a Corpus
* Text from the Internet, copyright
* TEI for corpus linguistics
* Tagging and Parsing
* Parallel and Specialised Corpora
* Quantitative methods and Tools


* Introduction to Digitisation
* Technical considerations, TEI, OCR, etc
* Textual material
* Spoken material
* Images
* Standards, platforms and conversions

Students will also complete a project based on the materials covered
in the course.

The course itself is completely funded by the SOCRATES scheme,
however, students are asked to find their own travel, accommodation
and subsistence funding.

For more information, see the web site at

or contact Fiona Tweedie (fiona at

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