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Philippe Blache pb at
Mon Aug 2 10:16:00 UTC 1999

From: Petr Horak <horak at>

Epos speech system announcement.

Apologies if you receive this repeatedly through multiple forums.

We would like to announce Epos, a language independent
TTS system primarily designed to serve as a research tool.
Epos is available for download under the
General Public License at
including documentation and the full source code.

The present version includes configuration files
for Czech and Slovak languages only, but we are planning to
support some other languages in a medium-distant
future using the MBROLA speech synthesizer,
and we shall be glad to provide the necessary
support for preparing a rule-driven configuration
for other languages, or a speech segment inventory
compatible with one of our synthesizers.

In theory, Epos can be compiled using any C++ compiler
(e.g. a reasonably recent version of GNU C++, MS Visual C++,
Watcom C++, or Borland C++ Builder), and should run on most
UNIX-like operating systems and Windows NT (the NT port
is somewhat less stable due to still inadequate testing).
Epos speaks using the /dev/dsp device on UNIX platforms, and
it generates Microsoft RIFF wave files (.wav) under Windows NT.
Its hardware requirements are modest.

You can send any additional questions or bug reports to the
Epos developer mailing list:  epos at
or have a look at the documentation at

The Epos team

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