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                    CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                       First workshop on



          Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
                    Amsterdam, August 15, 1999

          (Early registration deadline: August 1, 1999)

Endorsed by SIGSEM, the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
Special Interest Group (SIG) on computational semantics.

Traditional inference tools (such as theorem provers and model
builders) are reaching new levels of sophistication and are now widely
and easily available.  In addition, a wide variety of new tools
(statistical and probabilistic methods, ideas from the machine
learning community) are likely to be increasingly applied in
computational semantics for natural language.  Indeed, computational
semantics has reached the stage where the exploration and development
of inference is one of its most pressing tasks --- and there's a lot
of interesting new work which takes inferential issues seriously.

The first workshop on Inference in Computational Semantics (ICoS-1)
intends to bring together researchers from areas such as Computational
Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and Logic, in
order to discuss approaches and applications of inference in natural
language semantics.

The following people will give invited presentations:

  * Johan Bos (Saarbruecken)
    Automated Reasoning for Natural Language Semantics

  * Steve Pulman (Cambridge and SRI International)
    Bidirectional Contextual Resolution

  * Matthew Stone (Rutgers)
    Towards a Computational Account of Knowledge, Action and

In addition, research papers and some implementations will be

  * P. Baumgartner and M. Kuehn
    Abducing Coreference by Model Construction

  * G. Bierner and B. Webber
    Inference through Alternative-Set Semantics

  * M. Gabsdil and K. Striegnitz
    Classifying Scope Ambiguities (System Description)

  * C. Gardent and K. Konrad
    Definites and the Proper Treatment of Rabbits

  * A. Holt, E. Klein and C. Grover
    Natural Language for Hardware Verification: Semantic
    Interpretation and Model Checking (System Description)

  * J. Jaspars
    Structural Logics for Reasoning with Underspecified

  * A. Kaplan
    Reason Maintenance in a Hybrid Reasoning System

  * B. Ludwig
    An Inference-Based Approach to the Interpretation of Discourse

  * R. Otero and O. Trinidad
    Action Formalisms in Language Understanding

  * A. Ramsay and H. Seville
    Models and Discourse Models

The program committee for ICoS-1 consists of the following people:

   James Allen                     Alex Lascarides
   Patrick Blackburn               Christof Monz
   Denys Duchier                   Reinhard Muskens
   Jan van Eijck                   Manfred Pinkal
   Claire Gardent                  Maarten de Rijke
   Jacques Jayez                   Len Schubert
   Aravind Joshi                   Henk Zeevat
   Michael Kohlhase

ICoS-1 will be held at the Institute for Logic, Language and
Computation (ILLC), University of Amsterdam during the 11th European
Summer School on Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI'99), which
will be held in Utrecht, approximately 30 km from Amsterdam.  More
information on the ILLC including instructions how to get there can be
found at

Until August 1, the registration fee for ICoS-1 is 50 Dutch
guilders. After August 1, the fee is 100 Dutch guilders. The
registration fee includes the conference package and lunch.

To register, please go to:

or fill out the form attached to this message and send it to

  icos1 at

As it is very hard to get accommodation in Amsterdam during the
summer, it is imperative that you start looking for accommodation
now. If you are attending ESSLLI'99, you can take the train to
Amsterdam which takes approximately 30 minutes. More information on
finding accommodation in Amsterdam will be made available on the
ICoS-1 home page.

For further information, please contact the local organizers at
icos1 at or visit the ICoS-1 home page:

                      ICoS-1 Registration Form

First name:

Last name:




Preferred address:

Special requests:

I will join the conference dinner:

  [ ] yes
  [ ] no

The registration fee will be collected on the spot at ICoS-1.
We kindly ask you to pay in cash.



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