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                    Second Workshop of INTEX users
                    June, 7th and 8th, 1999
                    LADL, Université Paris 7
                    GRELIS, Université de Franche-Comté

INTEX is a development environment that allows linguists to describe natural
languages, starting from their alphabet and morphology to the syntactic
level. INTEX provides tools to:
 -- edit/maintain large-coverage dictionaries of simple and compound words;
 -- describe the inflectional and derivational morphology of a language;
 -- edit/maintain large libraries of finite state grammars;
 -- apply these dictionaries and grammars to large texts in real time in
order to parse them, refine/debug the linguistic description, retrieve
information and compute statistical results, etc.

Large-coverage dictionaries for INTEX are already available for English,
French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Bulgarian,
Korean, Thai and Old French descriptions are currently under way. INTEX is
used as a research tool by laboratories interested in corpus linguistics and
literature studies, as well as a pedagogical tool to teach computational
linguistics and French as a second language.

The second Workshop of INTEX users will take place on June, 7th and 8th at:

LADL, Université Paris 7,
2, place Jussieu, 75005 Paris
Central Tower, 7th floor

These two days will give INTEX users the opportunity to meet colleagues and
confront their experience as researchers, teachers and developers.

We invite INTEX users and more generally, people interested in the
application of large-coverage, handcrafted lexical resources for NLP to
present their work; we will organize two intensive training sessions for
INTEX users and developers.

                          FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS

Send your submission (Title + 1 page Abstract) to:

INTEX Second Workshop
LADL, Université Paris 7,
2, place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

The schedule for paper submissions:




Two 3-Hour tutorials will take place on the 8th of June:

1) (INTEX users) Finite State Transducers, Applications to Texts,
Construction of Dictionaries, Construction of Local Grammars, Disambiguation
with INTEX, Syntactic Parsing

2) (Developers) INTEX commands, File formats, INTEX adaptation to other

People interested by these tutorials are invited to subscribe as soon as

For any Information:

Cedrick Fairon (fairon at
University of Paris 7,
Laboratoire d'Automatique Documentaire et Linguistique (LADL)
2, place Jussieu (Tour centrale 9eme etage), 75221 Paris Cedex
tel. : 44 27 56 92, fax : 44 27 68 51

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