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I am forwarding this message to a few lists for Guy Hazell.  Please
contact him directly at <Guy.Hazell at asml.nl> for more details
regarding his needs for the development of controlled language tools.


Jeff Allen

  Sender: Guy.Hazell at asml.nl
  Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:55:12 +0100
  From: Guy Hazell <guy.hazell at asml.nl>
  Organization: ASML
  Subject: Tools

  Hello everybody,

  I have recently created a controlled language for my
  As a part of the further development in the use of this
  language within the company I am looking into the
  availability of tools for using the language.

  We are operating on the unix platform and using Framemaker
  as our main production tool. What I am looking for is an
  existing tool, or a company that may be able to develop a
  tool that can be a dictionary/grammar and rule checker on
  this platform.

  Has anybody any knowledge that could help me.

   Guy Hazell  <guy.hazell at asml.nl>

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