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Dear All,

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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new journal: The
Journal of Language and Computation (L&C),

L&C is an independent journal devoted to the publication of high
level research
papers on issues in the interface of logic, linguistics, formal
grammar, and computational linguistics. It is available
electronically for free from its web site at King's College,
London. The articles are available in a number of different
formats, including DVI, postscript and portable document format

L&C fills an important need for a journal devoted specifically to
work in the emerging field of formal and computational grammar.
It is committed to rapid publication of research. As an
independent electronic journal, it is
free of the commercial and space constraints which restrict
printed journals.

The same conventions which govern publication in printed journals
apply to L&C, except that authors retain the copyright of their
papers. All articles will be carefully refereed. A condition for
acceptance in L&C is that an author
agrees that he/she will not publish his/her paper elsewhere,
except with acknowledgment of its original publication in L&C.

At the end of our first year of publication, we will consider the
possibility of distributing a hard copy of the first volume of
the journal (distributed by Oxford University Press) to libraries
and subscribers. The decision on whether to produce a hard copy
version of the volume will depend upon availability of the
necessary resources.

To obtain more information, or check the first issue, please
visit the web site of L&C:

Best regards,

 Odinaldo Rodrigues
 Department of Computer Science
 King's College - Strand
 London  WC2R 2LS

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