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European Workshop on natural language generation

Toulouse, 13, 14 May 1999

Information, Inscription form

programme: (sous manifestations)


Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza
7, place du Capitole
31000 Toulouse France.
phone: +33 5 61 61 19 19
fax: +33 5 61 23 79 96

Dates:  May 13-14 1999

The hotel Holiday Inn, nicely located near the town hall, in the
historical part of Toulouse, stands on the 'Place du Capitole'.
A special rate of 530F all taxes included per room + breakfast (buffet)
is offered to participants. Please call or fax the hotel to make reservations
as soon as possible. This rate being very low, NO BLOCKS of ROOMS have
been pre-reserved. Identify yourself as participating to the EWNLG99 meeting,
organized by 'Universite Paul Sabatier'. Check that the 530F fare is applied.
To avoid additional exchange expenses, you may ask to be billed in EUROs
for EEC Euro zone persons.
(1 pound is about 9 Francs, 1 dollar is about 6F, 1 Mark is about 3.5 Francs)

There are other, cheaper, hotels. A short list is given below. You
need to contact them directly, no reduced fare has been negociated,
due to the small number of participants.

The conference location can be reached by foot from the other hotels.
To come from the airport, a taxi is about 130F. There is also a regular
bus shuttle 'Aerocar' that leaves the airport every 20mns, and stops
at the railway station downtown. Then you can either go on foot to the
hotel (20mns) or take the metro, 2 stations, get down at station
called 'Capitole'. Bus from airport costs about 30F, takes about 25minutes.

Weather is usually warm and sunny at that period.

Important note:
May being a very busy travelling period in France, reserve your flights
as soon as possible to get cheap air fares. If you fly via Paris, don't
take the train to go to Toulouse (6 hours + many strikes) prefer flying:
Air France has 26 return flights from Paris Orly and 7 return flights from
CDG. They are usually on schedule.

Inscription fares: 700 French Francs.
Since this fare is low, there is no reduced fare for students.
They cover the two lunch meals (a big buffet, with hot and cold food),
coffee breaks, and a copy of the proceedings.
No extra proceedinds will be produced, but probably papers will be on
the WEB.
To avoid taxations and management expenses deducted by the university, which
are about 53%, the payment mode will only be in cash upon arrival.
You therefore save about 750F per inscription.
Receipts will of course be issued on demand.

Additional hotels 2* (costs between 250 and 350 Francs):

Albert 1er  phone: +33 5 61 21 17 91, fax +33 5 61 21 09 64
8, rue Rivals
IBIS centre phone: +33 5 61 63 61 63, fax: +33 5 61 63 07 46
2, rue Claire Pauilhac
Ours Blanc phone: +33 5 61 23 14 55, fax: +33 61 23 62 34
25, place Victor Hugo


(return this portion by e-mail to stdizier at, an ACK will be then issued).

!! TO BE RETURNED no LATER than APRIL 15th.!!




Dates of arrival / departure from Toulouse

I will pay the amount of 700French Francs for my incsription of to the
workshop, upon arrival, at the registration desk.


PROGRAMME:  Consultable a partir du 31/03 sur le site WEB de l'IRIT:


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