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1/ From:  "Douglas Kendall (Volt Computer)" <v-dougke at>
   Subject:  NLP

2/ From:  "Vail" <brucevail at>
   Subject:  Japanese Computational Linguists; Seattle, Washington area

3/ From: Johanna Moore <jmoore at>
   Subject: Research Positions in NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING and

1/ From:  "Douglas Kendall (Volt Computer)" <v-dougke at>
   Subject:  NLP

***Note that French, German, Spanish, Japanese or English Language ability
(grammar and syntax) is the most important aspect of this position.***

Please contact Doug Kendall by phone (425) 702-9000/1(800) 253-9605 or
email at: v-dougke at if you are interested in pursuing
this type of position.

Position Start Date: ASAP
Position End Date: 10/23/1999 (Will be extended)

Standard Position Title: Software Test Engineer 1

Position Description: Creates expected results for linguistics
products (e.g. grammar checker, information retrieval Effectively
communicates bugs and issues related to consistency and quality of
product to team.  Works under supervision of more senior Testers.

Skills Required: Near-native fluency in French.  Strong, fast reading
skills in language of product being tested.  Ability to track details
carefully and good judgment are essential.  Basic Windows use
necessary. Knowledge or ability to learn quickly computer networking
skills required: i.e., working in NT domains, working with files on
shares, mapping drives to one's computer, etc...  Access skills useful
but not required.  General knowledge of personal computers, and the
ability to install, upgrade and use Word and Excel, email application
software, and MS operating system(s) preferred.  Associate's degree in
Linguistics or Language-related field, or equivalent work
experience/training preferred.

		Focus of Position:	  Linguistic software

		Thank you for your help.

Doug Kendall
Volt Services Group
v-dougke at
(425) 702-9000


2/ From:  "Vail" <brucevail at>
   Subject:  Japanese Computational Linguists; Seattle, Washington area

We are looking for experienced Japanese linguists with technical
ability, experience working technically with double-byte character
sets, information retrieval and project management. The position is
located in the Seattle, Washington area. The position is set up as a
contract position and is projected as a 5 month initial assignment. I
am pasting the description below. If you are interested, please send
your resume to me at bvail at with your letter of interest
listing your availability and requirements.

Bruce Vail
Technical Recruiter Comforce Technical Service
Redmond, Washington
bvail at
(425)-867-1899 ext 310
(800)-398-2432 ext. 310

Program Manager 1 (Job # 7360)

Job Description: Manage a project to apply Natural Language technology
to Japanese Search Project. Evaluate potential for improvement to
current methods and design new functionality based on these
evaluations. Creates functional specifications that will guide
implementation. Develop working relationship with team members and
provide technical and analytical information to guide the group.
Organize cross-functional activities to drive the program to
completion within given time-frame. Create and maintain program

Experience Required: Experience with project management and/or
software design and development required. Japanese fluency and/or
understanding of Japanese linguistics is mandatory. Knowledge of
Natural Language (NL) technologies, computational linguistics or
Information Retrieval (IR) technologies is highly desirable.  Strong
analytical skills and excellent communication skills required.  Must
be able to work independently and as part of a team and have the
analytical skills required to draw product decisions from data that
becomes available in the course of the project.

Focus of Position: Japanese Search Project


3/ From: Johanna Moore <jmoore at>
   Subject: Research Positions in NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING and

(Apologies for multiple postings.  Please distribute to potential candidates.)

		University of Edinburgh
		Human Communication Research Centre


		Closing date:  1 June 1999

The Tutorial Dialogue Project is aimed at studying human tutorial
dialogues in order to inform the construction of computer-based tutors
that can participate in effective tutorial interactions with their
users.  The project is using analysis of a corpus of tutorial
dialogues, psycholinguistic experimentation, and WOZ studies to inform
the design and implementation of an intelligent dialogue-based
tutoring system.  We seek two individuals to help with development of
the dialogue manager and the generation component.

		Research Position in Natural Language Processing

The ideal candidate will hold a degree in Computational Linguistics,
Artificial Intelligence, or Computer Science and have in interest both
in natural language processing and intelligent tutoring.  S/he will
have practical experience in developing robust language interfaces
both on the algorithmic level and on the knowledge construction level.
Programming or development expertise in Lisp, C or C++ is essential,
and experience with Perl is highly desirable.  Candidates with an
interest in discourse planning, dialogue management, and/or the
practical aspects of natural language generation are particularly
encouraged to apply.  (Please quote ref: 776267)

		Research Position in Discourse Analysis

The ideal candidate will hold a degree in Computational Linguistics,
Linguistics, or Artificial Intelligence and have in interest both in
linguistic analysis and educational applications of technology.  S/he will
have practical experience in developing discourse tagging schemes, analysing
discourse data, and/or performing empirical analyses of human tutoring.
Should have experience with statistical analysis using Excel, SPSS, or other
statistical analysis software.  Experience with markup languages such
as XML or SGML is also desirable. (Please quote ref: 776268)

Successful candidates will be hired on the AR1A researcher scale
(15,735-23,651 pounds per annum), depending on age and experience.
The post is initially for a period of two years, starting as soon as

Additional information can be found on web site and
Informal enquiries may be made to Johanna Moore (J.Moore at

Further particulars including the application procedure should be
obtained from the Personnel Department, 1 Roxburgh Street, Edinburgh,
EH8 9TB.  Tel: 0131 650 2511 (24 hour answering service)

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