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Call for Participation
School on Information Extraction SCIE99
Frascati(Rome), June 28, July 3, 1999

Early registration deadline: May 15
Grant application deadline: May 15

The Artificial Intelligence research group of the Department of Computer
Science, Systems and Production of the University of Roma Tor Vergata
(Italy), in cooperation with the Italian Association of Artifical
Intelligence (AI*IA), is pleased to announce the second edition of the
School on Information Extraction (SCIE99), to be held in Frascati (Roma),
Italy, from June 28 to July 3, 1999 .
The school provides a forum for researchers and practitioners with
different background and expertise, to discuss ideas and describe
experiences in defining and implementing IE systems.  To maximize
interaction among SCIE-99 participants, the attendance will be limited to
80 persons.

The school is organized as a set of lectures held by internationally renown
experts from the different disciplines concerning IE themes. These lectures
are explicitly meant to address interdisciplinary issues and will introduce
common goals, needs and problems of the different approaches. Demo sessions
on current IE technologies and systems will be also held at the school.

-Jean Pierre CHANOD (XEROX Research Centre Europe, FR)  "Finite-state
linguistic components: the case of digital libreries"
-Veronica DAHL (Simon Fraser Univ. Ca)  "From Speech to Knowledge"
-Maria Teresa PAZIENZA (Univ. Rome Tor Vergata, IT)  "Engineering IE
systems: an Object Oriented perspective"
-Harold SOMERS (UMIST, UK)  "Knowledge extraction from bilingual corpora"
-John SOWA (Westchester Polytechnic Univ. USA)  "Relating Templates to
Language and Logic"
-Marc VILAIN (The MITRE Corporation, MA, USA)  "Multilingual IE systems"
-Ellen VOORHEES (NIST, MD, USA)  "Natural Language Processing and
Information Retrieval"
-Yorick WILKS (Univ. of Sheffield, UK)  "Can we make Information Extraction
more adaptive?"

Thanks to the support of the AI*IA (Italian Association of Artificial
Intelligence) and some of the sponsors, grants will be available for
advanced students and young researchers. Details at the SCIE99 web site.

The School will be held in the pleasant atmosphere of the historic city of
Frascati (near Rome, Italy).
The school will be hosted by the European Space Agency at ESRIN
establishment. Thanks to this hospitality, we hope to reach a friendly
atmosphere as in the past edition of the school, which enabled fruitful
exchanges of ideas among participants.
Any information for SCIE-99 participation (registration fees, grants,
lectures, accommodation, ...) may be found at the school web page

SCIE-99 Program Commettee:
* Luigia Carlucci Aiello (Univ. of Roma La Sapienza)
* Elisa Bertino (Univ. of Milano)
* Maria Teresa Pazienza (Univ. of Roma, Tor Vergata) (chair)
* Domenico Sacca' (Univ. of Calabria)
* Lorenza Saitta (Univ. of Torino)

SCIE-99 Organizing Committee:
- R. Basili (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata) (chair)
- C. Cardani (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata)
- M. Di Nanni (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata)
- M. Vindigni (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata)
- F. Zanzotto (Univ. Roma Tor Vergata)

School e-mail: scie99 at
For more details, please contact:
prof. Maria Teresa Pazienza
Dept. of Computer Science, Systems and Production
University of Roma, Tor Vergata
Via di Tor Vergata  00133 ROMA (ITALY)
tel: +39 06 72597378 (office);
fax +39 06 72597460;
e_mail: pazienza at

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