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21st Conference "Translating and the Computer"
             10-11 November 1999, London

The annual conference "Translating and the Computer" has been
an important forum for Machine Translation and Translation Aids
users over the past 20 years. The conference is one of the few
international events which focuses on the user aspects of translation
software and as such has been particularly beneficial to a very wide
audience including translators, business managers, researchers and
language experts.

Against the background of an increasingly multilingual society and
the all-encompassing impact of information technology, this year's
conference will address the latest developments in translation (and
translation-related) software.

This call for papers invites abstracts of papers to be presented
at the conference. The papers (and the presentations) should focus on
the user aspects of translation or translation-related software rather
than on research and development issues. Presentations accompanied by
demonstrations are especially welcome.


The range of conference topics includes (but is not limited to)

- use of Machine Translation (MT) systems
- machine-aided translation and translation aids
- memory based translation
- controlled languages and their use in MT
- speech translation
- terminology
- localisation
- translation aids for minority languages
- multilingual document management/workflow
- experience of companies using translation software
- translating and the computer: the new millennium challenges
- the Internet and translation aids

Programme Chairs

Daniel Grasmick (SAP)
Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton)
Chris Pyne (ICE)

Submission Guidelines

Authors are requested to submit an extended abstract (between
500 and 1000 words) of the paper they would like to present.

Extended abstracts should be sent by post, fax or email before
1 June to:

Ms Nicole Adamides, Manager, Professional Development Group
ASLIB, The Association for Information Management
Staple Hall, Stone House Court, London, EC3A 7PB
Tel: +44 (0) 171 903 0030
Fax: +44 (0) 171 903 0011
Email nicole.adamides at

The full-length versions of the accepted papers will be included
in the conference proceedings.

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