Appel: Linguistic Exploration Workshop

Philippe Blache pb at
Mon Nov 29 08:40:28 UTC 1999

From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>


      New Methods for
  Creating, Exploring and Disseminating
   Linguistic Field Data

            Thursday 6 January 2000, 9am-6pm

       Held in conjunction with the
  Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America
       Palmer House Hilton, Chicago

  The new NSF TalkBank Project [] is sponsoring a
  workshop on computational support for linguistic fieldwork.  The
  workshop will bring together linguists and computational linguists
  committed to empirical research on large datasets, through the
  combination of traditional field methods and new technologies for
  exploring and visualizing complex datasets.  The languages under study
  may range from the undescribed to the well-studied, and the
  fieldworker may operate in a village or a laboratory.  The focus is
  the exploratory mode of research, where elicitation, analysis and
  hypothesis-testing form a tight loop.  The workshop will contribute to
  the evaluation and evolution of methodologies that integrate
  traditional practices with new technologies, leading to increased
  accessibility, accountability, and stability of empirical linguistic
  research.  Full details, including the provisional program, are
  available at [].

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