Q: Debugging computational grammars

Pierre Zweigenbaum pz at biomath.jussieu.fr
Thu Sep 23 16:39:06 UTC 1999

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 10:23:59 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Alberto Lavelli <lavelli at itc.it>
Message-Id: <199909230824.KAA16161 at ecate.itc.it>

Dear colleagues,

I'm looking for references to the problem of developing and debugging
computational grammars for natural languages. I'm particularly
interested in tools and approaches used in debugging grammars
(particularly in their use when dealing with relatively large
hand-written grammars).  In the computational systems I'm aware of,
usually there is only a limited (and standard) set of debugging tools:
tracers, steppers, chart browsers.

Furthermore, does anybody know any extensive study on the most
suitable strategies/tools to cope with the writing/testing/debugging
cycle (always with a particular emphasis on debugging)?

I know that there have been hints to this problem in related areas
(e.g., the EU projects TSNLP and DiET, some papers at the ACL-EACL97
workshop on Computational Environments for Grammar Development and
Linguistic Engineering) but it seems to me that this topic has so far
received little attention. But perhaps I'm missing some relevant
contributions and so I'm asking for your help.

Apart from references to relevant stuff, I'm also interested in your
general opinion on the issue.  Is this (alleged) lack of interest an
indication of the fact that such issue is in your opinion not
particularly relevant?

I'll post a summary if I receive enough responses


ps: I have sent this message to several mailing lists. I apologize if
you receive it more than once.

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