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                    NLPRS'99 Workshop


Multi-lingual Information Processing and Asian Language processing

            Beijing, China, November 5, 1999

                  --  Call for Papers  --

           Summary submission due : October 12

The recent information society has been evolved into the state
of multi-lingual communication and broadcasting. However, the
theoretical and empirical research and development has not been
fully flourished toward the customer-oriented product. The
knowledge about multi-lingual communication has not yet been
fully discovered and furthermore, the knowledge about Asian
language processing is too weak to understand the neighboring
countries' languages even inside of the Asian countries. Here,
the each country's language processing has to be introduced to
other language users for their language resources, experiences
and theoretical achievements. Although the characteristics
among Asian languages are more similar than those of European
languages, the chance of this discussion has been very few.

This workshop will solicit papers from the academic sectors as
well as from the commercial sectors, in order to know what are
achievements of researchers and what are problems of information
industry. Standardization efforts of markup languages are one
of important issues for the advanced intelligent language
processing. Moreover, the test suites for each language and
information processing areas are invited to be presented.

All submissions are welcomed in all area of NLP topics and
the partial lists of topics are as follows but not limited to:

  - characteristics of each language processing
  - standards of tag set for language resources and application
  - test suite of language processing, e.g., IR, MT, summarization
  - industrial application of Asian language processing and
    multi-lingual information handling
  - multi-lingual indexing and keyword extraction
  - data and information structure of Asian languages
  - multi-lingualism in broadcasting and public affairs
  - computer-based language teaching
  - localization of language products
  - machine translation
  - cross-lingual information retrieval

The workshop review and acceptance will be based on a two-page
extended summary (2000 words or less). The summary must be
accompanied by its title and author information including full
names, affiliations of all authors and the postal mailing
address and email of the corresponding author. "Software
demonstration" is also very much encouraged.

Submit by email to 'mal99 at'


   - Summary submission due:  October 12
   - Notification of acceptance: October 16
   - Camera ready papers or presentation materials due: October 22
   - Inquires concerning the workshop can be sent to one of
     the organizers by
        * email to mal99 at
        * fax to +82-42-867-3565 (forward to: NLPRS99 MAL Workshop)
        * Dr. Young-Soog Chae
          KORTERM, Department of Computer Science
          Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
          373-1 Kusong-dong Yusong-gu Taejon 305-701

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