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2nd International Conference on Natural Language Processing
NLP 2000: Filling the gap between theory and practice
2, 3 & 4 June 2000,
Conference and Cultural Center University of Patras -

- Computer Technology Institute of Patras
- University of Patras Computer Engineering Department (Database
Laboratory), Philology Department (Linguistics Section)
- University of Athens Informatics Department
- University of the Aegean Information & Communication Systems

OBJECTIVES We feel that this is the most
opportune time for a critical view of the achievements both in
theory and in practice, and for developing bridges in order to build
emerging advanced systems and services that will provide the
breadth of information envisaged. The aim is to fill the gap between
theory and practice so that developments and needs in theory to
take advantage and give insights for new developments in
technological methods and applications, and visa-versa. The goal
is to bring together people that will attest to the progress of the
field and disseminate it to a wider audience.

Conference Secretariat:
Mrs. Penelope Kontodimou P.O. Box 1421 University of Patras
GR - 26 500 Patras - Greece
Email: pinelop at Tel: (+3061) 960.383 Fax: (+3061) 997.783

Program Committee Chair:
Christodoulakis Dimitris (University of Patras), Greece, E-mail:
dxri at

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