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       Fourth International Workshop on COMPUTATIONAL SEMANTICS

                         10-12 January 2001

                      Tilburg, The Netherlands

The Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence Group at
Tilburg University will host the Third Workshop on Computational
Semantics (IWCS-4), that will take place from 10 -12 January 2001.
The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers interested
in any aspects of the computation of meaning in natural language
or in language-based multimedia objects.

                  *   INVITED SPEAKERS:                *
                  *                                    *
                  *   James Allen     (U. Rochester)   *
                  *   Jan van Eijck   (U. Utrecht)     *
                  *   Alex Lascarides (U. Edinburgh)   *

The workshop focuses on the study of computational aspects of semantic
theories, on theoretical issues in the development of natural language
understanding systems, and on tools, methodologies, and techniques for
computer interpretation of natural language. Some of the topics that
figure prominently in the workshop program are:

* working with underspecified representations of meaning
* modelling and using context in interpretation
* the relations between semantics and pragmatics
* dynamic interpretation in text and dialogue
* interpretation and games
* incrementality and monotonicity in the computation of meaning
* computational lexical semantics
* speech acts and interpretation
* semantics and pragmatics in language generation
* computational aspects of meaning in discourse discourse
* knowledge representation and reasoning in interpretation.

                      PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME
Wednesday, January 10

James Allen: invited talk

Jonathan Ginzburg, Howard Gregory and Shalom Lappin: SHARDS: Fragment
  resolution in dialogue

Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova and Bonnie Webber: Concession, implicature,
  and alternative sets

Rodger Kibble: Inducing rhetorical structure via nested update semantics

short presentations: Roland Hausser, Elena Karagjasova, Ruth Kempson,
                     Jan van Kuppevelt, Birte Loenneker, Jon Patrick

Emiel Krahmer and Mark Swerts: Meaning and intonation: the cases of
  contrastive accent and met-linguistic negation

Alistair Butler: Sentences with exhaustification

Robert van Rooy: The pragmatics of mention-some readings of questions

Patrick Saint-Dizier and Gloria Vazquez: A compositional framework
  for prepositions

Nicolas Denand: Answering the question Where? - some experimental results

Andrea Zielinski: A treatment of scope in MT

Thursday, January 11
Jan van Eijck: Context semantics for NL

Michel Gagnon, Elena Godoy and Rogerio de Oliveira: An implementation
  of DRT for a compositional Interpretation of the Portuguese progressive

Helen Seville and Allan Ramsay: Capturing sense in intensional contexts

Massimo Poesio and Uwe Reyle: Underspecification in anaphoric reference

Diego Molla: Ontologically promiscuous flat logical forms for NLP

short presentations: Pascal Boldini, David McDonald, Gregers Koch,
                     Isabelle Debourges/S.Guillore/C.Vrain,
                     Allan Ramsay & Helen Seville,
                     Serge Sharoff & Lena Sokolova

Dick Crouch, Anette Frank and Josef van Genabith: Linear logic based
  transfer and structural misalignment

Theo Janssen: On the interpretation of IF logic

Rene Ahn: Observable types: a computational approach to meaning

Norihiro Ogata: A type theory for typing, meta-typing, and ontological
  information in discourse

ACL SIGSEM business meeting

Friday, January 12
Alex Lascarides: Why dynamic semantics needs discourse structure
                 (invited talk)

Kees van Deemter: Generating referring expressions: beyond the
  incremental algorithm

Claire Gardent and Katarina Striegnitz: Generating indirect anaphora

Frank van Eynde: Rules or constraints for modeling tense

Sven Verdoolaege, Marc Denecker, Ness Schelkens, Danny De Schreye
  and Frank van Eynde: Abductive reasoning with temporal information

George Demetriou and Eric Atwell: A domain-independent semantic tagger
  for the study of meaning associations in English text

Closing at lunchtime

                        GENERAL INFORMATION

Information about hotels, about how to travel to Tilburg and the
conference site, etc. can be found at the IWCS-4 web pages; see

For any questions about the program contact Harry Bunt at;
for all other matters contact the conference secretariat:

Carol Mcgregor
Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence Group
Tilburg University
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands
phone: +31 13 466 83 81
fax:   +31 13 466 31 10
email: C.J.McGregor at

                       REGISTRATION INFORMATION

To register, either use the registration possibilities at the IWCS-4
web pages or fill out the registration form below and return it to the
conference scretary Ms Carol McGregor at C.J.McGregor at
(or by fax or by traditional mail; see addresses below).

                  IWCS-4 REGISTRATION FORM

 Name:       ________________________________________

 Institute:  ________________________________________

 Department: ________________________________________

 Address:    ________________________________________



 Telephone:  ________________________________________

 Fax:        ________________________________________

 Email:      ________________________________________

             Registration fee is 295 Dutch guilders
             (approx. 120 US$, or 135 Euros) when
             registering before December 21.

             For registration after December 21 the
             participation fee is NLG 325.

             The fee includes

                * Participation in 2.5 days program
                * 1 copy of proceedings
                * 2 x lunch
                * 8 x coffee/tea
                * Reception

             For undergraduate students a reduced fee is offered
             which only includes participation and proceedings.

 Method of   Calculate any transfer charges, as we must receive the
 payment:    full registration fee. Any shortfall in fees will have
             to be paid on arrival at the workshop.

             On your payment, please indicate your name, and mention
             code 8270.W 367, IWCS 4, Tilburg University, Faculty
             of Arts.

() Via bank transfer:
              In Dutch guilders to bank account 45 50 46 042.
              ABN AMRO Bank, Heuvelring 88, P.O.Box 8, NL-5000 AA,
              Tilburg, The Netherlands
              or to Postbank account 23 86 602 (only within the

() By credit card:
              Company:     Visa/MasterCard/American Express

              Number:      ________________________________

              Expiration date: ____________________________

              (If you prefer not to use email to transfer this
              information, please send us a fax.)

                               HOTEL INFORMATION

             A number of rooms have been reserved at the following
             hotels. (Note: the city center is 5-10 minutes walking
             from the central railway station. All hotels are at
             approximately the same distance from the conference venue.)

             If you wish, we can make reservations for you

 Lodging      () Hotel Mercure (city center)
                 Heuvelpoort 300
                 NL-5038 DT Tilburg
                 phone: +31-13-535 46 75
                 fax: +31-13-535 58 75
                 NLG 192,50 per night, inc. breakfast.

              () Hotel Lindeboom (city center)
                 Heuvelring 126
                 NL-5038 CL Tilburg
                 phone: +31-13-535 13 55
                 fax: +31-13-536 10 85
                 NLG 150,- per night, inc. breakfast.

              () Hotel Central (city center) ALREADY BOOKED FULL
                 Spoorlaan 422
                 NL-5038 CG Tilburg
                 phone: +31-13-543 62 34
                 fax: +31-13-544 11 01
                 NLG 85,- per night, inc. breakfast.

                 Please make reservations in the hotel I checked above,
                 number of persons: __
                 date of arrival:   January __
                 date of departure: January __ .

              () Do not make any hotel reservations for me

Send this form to:

               Carol McGregor
               Tilburg University
               Faculty of Arts
               P.O.Box 90153
               NL-5000 LE Tilburg
               The Netherlands
               C.J.McGregor at


 Harry C. Bunt
 Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science
 Tilburg University
 P.O. Box 90153
 5000 LE Tilburg, the Netherlands
 Phone: +31 - 13 466.3060 (secretary Anne Andriaensen)
                     2568 (Dean's office)
                     2653 (office, room B 310)
 Fax: +31 - 13 466.3110
 Harry.Bunt at

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