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CIDE 2001

4th International Conference
on The Electronic Document


24-26 October 2001

Organised by
the Toulouse Research Institute for Computer Science

 Contact Address and on line Information

Conférence CIDE 2001
  UPS - 118, route de Narbonne
  31062 Toulouse Cedex

cide2001 at

The site will be regularly updated to keep you informed about the various
stages and developments before the conference.

 Objectives and Themes

Since its creation (1998 in Rabat,1999 in Damas, 2000 in Lyon) CIDE has
been interested in the problems related to the creation and use of
electronic documents, which are seen and have developed as a specific means
in the various communication processes.

As in previous years, the objective of CIDE 2001 is to carry on and go into
in more depth, the interdisciplinary approach, so that beyond the
confrontation of various disciplinary points of view over the
object-document, a possible cooperation, with a cognitive orientation,
becomes apparent.

Therefore, the leading theme for CIDE 2001 will be cognitive methods,
approaches and techniques. Indeed, if we consider that the subject of
cognition sciences is the study of the human mind's relations with the
world and with other minds (him/herself included) it would appear that the
electronic document - place, medium and/or even object of communication -
seems to offer cognitive science an excellent testbed for the observation
of the different processes of which these documents are the object, and the
specificities opened up by the digital mode.

The cognitive approach lends itself particularly well to the analysis of
the different processes which bring the object-document into play, such as
perception, memory, comprehension, reading strategies, retrieval
information, production, editing, conversion, translation, archiving,
distribution, revision, annotation and summary. The themes developed at
CIDE 2001 will deal with these various activities and will be organized
around the following topics:

- analysis and generation of objects that make up a document (text, links,
graphics, maps);
- generation and conversion of models;
- modeling and representation of textual or non-textual phenomena;
- technical and scientific documentation, procedural and instructional
orders text;
- documentary memory;
- dynamics and life span of documents in an information system;
- reading, memory and comprehension strategies;
- formatting and visual structures;
- retrieval, access and information extraction strategies;
- multi-modal access;
- data mining;
- linguistic processing and multilingualism;
- modeling of the activities of the different agents involved in text
production and of their cooperation (author, editor, reader, annotator,

We would like to achieve one of CIDE's principal objectives, which is to
create a meeting place, for researchers in the various disciplines
(computing, linguistics, psychology, ergonomics) and users of documentary
engineering. The main themes of CIDE 2001 will, we hope, favour such a
meeting, in particular in relation to the development of NTIC (New
technologies of Information and Communication).

 Important dates

Submission of Proposals
 20 April 2001

Notification of Speakers retained
 20 May 2001

Submission of final papers
 20 June 2001

Guidelines for submission of proposals

The official language of the conference is French.
Papers can be submitted in English or in French and should be between 3000
and 5000 words (6-10 pages) long.
All retained papers will be published in the proceedings.

Proposals should be sent as 3 paper copies to the following address:
Conférence CIDE 2001
 UPS - 118, route de Narbonne
 31062 Toulouse Cedex

And by E-mail to
  cide2001 at

With each copy, please enclose a page containing the title of the paper,
the authors (the first name being the contact person), full contact numbers
and addresses and a summary of about 300 words.

Publication instructions for the final copy will be available on the
conference website:

 During the conference...

In association with the GRCE (Research Group on Written Communication)
special invited papers presentations will be organised; the objective of
this being to offer participants an in depth discussion or a synthesis of
certain aspects of the document problem. A young researchers session will
also be organised.

 Programme committee
Cochairs: Mustapha Mojahid and Jacques Virbel, IRIT, Toulouse

Jacques André, IRISA, Rennes, France
Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, IRIT, Toulouse, France
Thierry Baccino, LPEQ, Nice, France
Jean-Paul Barthes, UTC, Compiègne, France
Abdel Belaid, LORIA, Nancy, France
Flavio Bortolozzi, PUC, Curitiba, Brésil
Cherif Branki, IISG, Paisley, U.K
Jean Caelen, CLIPS-IMAG, Grenoble, France
Bernadette, DORIZZI, INT, Evry, France
Jean-Marie Cellier, LTC, Toulouse, France
Jacques Ducloy, LORIA, Nancy, France
Gérard Dupoirier, XEROX, France
Patrice Enjalbert, GREYC, Caen, France
Hélène Eyrolle, LTC, Toulouse, France
Claudie Faure, ENST, Paris, France
Mauro Gaïo, GREYC, Caen, France
Joël Gardes, France Telecom R&D, Lannion, France
Michel Gilloux, SRTP, Nantes, France
Mohamed Hassoun, ENSSIB, Lyon, France
Laurent Heurley, ECCHAT, Amiens, France
Rolf Ingold, UI, Fribourg, Suisse
Jacques Labiche, PSI, Rouen, France
Yves Lecourtier, PSI, Rouen, France
Laurence Likforman, ENST, Paris, France
Jean-Luc Nespoulous, Jacques-Lordat, Toulouse, France
Anne Nicolle, GREYC, Caen, France
Thierry Paquet, PSI, Rouen, France
Marie-Paule Péry-Woodley, ERSS, Toulouse, France
Jean-Pierre Raysz, JOUVE, Mayenne, France
Christophe Sibertin-Blanc, CERISS, Toulouse, France
Eric Trupin, PSI, Rouen, France
Christine Vanoirbeek, EPFL, Lausanne, Suisse
Bernard Victorri, Lattice-CNRS, Paris, France
Nadine Vigouroux, IRIT, Toulouse, France
Nicole Vincent, E3i, Tours, France
Jean Vivier, MRSH, Caen, France
Khaldoun Zreik, GREYC, Caen, France

 Organisation committee

Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, IRIT, Toulouse
Mauro Gaïo, GREYC, Caen
Joël Gardes, France Telecom R&D, Lannion
Christophe Luc, IRIT, Toulouse
Mustapha Mojahid, IRIT, Toulouse
Patrice Terrier, LTC, Toulouse
Christine Vanoirbeek, EPFL, Lausanne
Nadine Vigouroux, IRIT, Toulouse
Coordination : Colette Ravinet, Service communication, IRIT, Toulouse

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