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First EAGLE/ISLE Workshop on Meta-descriptions and Annotation
Schemas for Multimodal/Multimedia Language Resources

LREC 2000 pre-conference workshop, Athens, Greece, 29/30 May 2000

Human languages - signed and spoken - can be documented with the
sounds the speakers produce, the gestures they make and  the meanings
perceived by an annotating observer. This information can be described
as an annotated multi-media language resource. Ideally, such resources
should be structured in a consistent and standardised way, so that the
data collected can easily be accessed, exchanged and assembled into
coherent and remotely accessible archives.

The workshop forms part of an EC/NSF funded initiative to generate
suitable standards and guidelines, and will address current trends and
discuss structures which could simplify the creation and use of
annotated multimodal/multimedia resources.

See for complete information.

Peter Wittenburg
Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics
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